Friday, April 29, 2016

Golden Age Supers: Liberty Legion vs Secret Base Omaga

Our heroes, the Liberty Legion have been tasked with attacking and destroying four key items at a secret Nazi base. The base is guarded by many dreaded inventions of the Thule Society and its techno-occult followers.
The Liberty Legion is led by Major Victory. To complete the mission he's brought the Sentinel of Justice (hurray!), Liberty Belle, the cantankerous Klank, and the British heroes Britannia, Druid and Jack-o-Lantern, backed by Lt. Casey and his Raucous Regulars.

Defending the base were the mysterious Dr. M, Agent Axis and Krieghunde, with a horde of zombies, an experimental tank and loyal Thule Stormtroopers.
The Jack-O-Lantern flew in aggressively, quickly blowing up the radar array (objective 1). Major Victory unleahed his Star Spangled Vision on the tank, damaging but not destroying it.
The Axis fought back, with Klank going down under a hail of fire from the stormtroopers and Agent Axis hidden in the buildings.
The Druid made a play for the objectives but was shot to pieces again by the deadly Agent Axis. He managed to teleport into her building, but she out fought him. Now two heroes were down.

Major Victory destroyed the Super Buzzbomb (objective 2) before mental attack from Dr. M grounded him. Meanwhile the stormtroopers were decimated by the Regulars, Liberty Belle and Jack.
Agent Axis and the sole survivor of the stormtroopers dispatched Belle.
On the other flank, the Sentinel fought with the zombie hordes. He destroyed the altar (objective 3) but Krieghunde appeared swinging a truck as a club. Britannia fought valiantly, but she too went down to a mental attack by Dr. M. Another of the Legion down, but only a heavily damaged tank remained for the Legion to secure victory.
Agent Axis destroyed the last remnants of the Regulars right after they finished the last stormtrooper.

Only Jack and Major Victory were left finish the job, but both had little vitality left versus and untouched Agent Axis, Dr. M and Krieghunde. Time to fall back...
It was deemed a minor victory for the Allies. Three of four objectives destroyed, but at great cost.
A real nail biter to the end.
Hauptmann Mauer, awarded the Knight's Cross posthumously.

Friday, April 22, 2016

GASLIGHT: the Bridgehead

The Basement General's were visited by a guest gamer, so I had to try and wow him with an oldie but a goodie.
After the a successful mass airship landing, the Germans managed a bridgehead on the coast. They quickly moved inland.
The scenario last night: Rokkitruppen had already flown ahead and captured a small fortified farmhouse outside a village near an important crossroad. A small German scout force must now push forward to take one of the village roads and hold the bridge.
Meanwhile, the British must prevent it.
The British were aided by some Hero-types. Only one of which made a difference in the ensuing fight.

And for the British:

The German assault begins...

The British counter

The Germans suffered from poor morale rolls, while the Brits, defending their homeland didn't.

The Rokkitruppen tried one last gamble, and using all their fuel, jumped towards one of the objectives. They fell short and were cut to pieces by the waiting British.
GASLIGHT provided a great little game as usual.

Monday, April 18, 2016

I'm kind of a big deal...

A lovely review of my Fistful of Lead rules just showed up in Miniature Wargames magazine, reviewed by Daniel Mersey, of Lion Rampant fame! There is also a review of this here blog.
Thanks, Dan!

Don't just sit there, go out and buy one!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Two play tests: Galactic Arena and Wasteland Warriors

Play test one was for Fistful of Lead's little brother Wasteland Warriors. It was fought out in the Spaceship Graveyard between 6 factions looking for loot. For whatever reason, the dice gods had deemed this a particularly brutal affair. There were almost no pinned results during the wound rolls. Everything was wounded or Out of Action.
Things went pretty quickly. With ammo in the Wastelands being pretty dodgey, we had lots of permanent out of ammo results, which lead to some close in action.

 My crew. Orange Crush and his ladies. They would go on to win.

Next on the docket was my Arena game. The board is set for a Fantasy version, but layout-wise also works for Futuristic. The board pieces are geomorphic, perfect for replayability. You can set up a new arena every time.
Players run around grabbing upgrades and teleporting abut while blasting away at each other. This is one is in early play test stage and hoping to make commercially available as a boardgame on a larger scale.

 Don't stand too close to the doors!
Good games. Good feedback.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Not my Fisful of Lead game

Just got a great AAR from one of Kickstarter backers: He sent me all of the photos and and the scenario set up. Great job Larry:

The 3 R’s Convention opened quietly as all five gangs searched adjacent buildings. Todd’s Terrors found Ye Olde Snake Oyl (each bottle healing one wound) in the Doctor’s Office and one stick of dynamite in the Assay and Land Office, while the other four had to be content with Small Loot.

Roger’s Renegades opened the ball on Turn 2 with a long shot at Mike’s Marauders, but missed all shots. Mike, with a Gunslinger in his gang, returned fire with a vengeance, and Roger suddenly found himself at half strength after Mike and an NPC each got one-shot kills. At the north end of town, Steve’s Backstabbers and Todd’s Terrors started sniping away at each other, to no effect. Jim’s Jerks, in the middle, looted the hotel. Steve’s gang found small loot in the general store, but failed to look again, missing both a sledge hammer and some dynamite.

Todd and Steve began a Hatfield/McCoy feud that would last the rest of the game. Roger temporarily set aside his aggression and quietly searched nearby buildings while keeping out of the line of fire. Mike discovered an axe at a building site. Immediately grasping the implications, he moved towards the bank. Jim finished searching the hotel and began sniping away at Mike. Turn 3 ended with several wounded gang members around the board.

Mike used the axe to good effect, chopping out a reinforced window of the bank and gaining entry. Roger moved into the hardware store, but a bad search roll kept him from finding dynamite and a sledge hammer. Jim took a Pinned result from the NPC inside Woo’s Laundry while Todd and Steve escalated their efforts resulting in most of each gang Wounded or Pinned, and dropped loot littering the ground in their corner of the board.

Mike moved over to the livery stable, finding another axe. Elsewhere, two newly discovered NPC’s proved friendly and gave some accurate advice about the situation. Todd and Steve spent the turn shooting and brawling but only one of Steve’s gang succumbed to wounds. Jim kept out of sight, mostly, and kept moving loot back to his hideout.

Todd and Steve kept feeding guys into the brawl and suddenly Steve was down to two cards, and Todd only one. Roger shot at Mike, who was moving towards the gunsmith’s, killing one and leaving another Pinned in the middle of the street. Jim looted Mike’s hideout while keeping his perimeter secure.

Pinned and unable to recover, Todd’s last guy crawled desperately for cover. Steve tried hard to finish him off, but missed or ran Out Of Ammo on all shots. Roger and Mike closed the distance and began a fruitless gun fight. Jim added insult to injury, but missed all his shots at Mike while moving towards the bank.

Jim checked the bank, finding a cash drawer still un-looted. Roger consolidated his loot in his hideout. Mike and Jim traded shots to no effect. Steve missed Todd’s last guy who miraculously kept crawling away.

Card count on Turn 8: Todd 1, Steve 2, Roger 2, Mike 2, Jim 4. Roger decided to insinuate himself into the Todd/Steve feud and maybe get some easy pickings. Mike lost a man to Jim’s well-aimed fire. Todd finally rallied and put the coup de grace to Steve’s guy who had two Wounds already.

Steve raced around a corner and charged into Todd, rolling 8 times on the wound table. Todd noisily succumbed and was out of the game. Mike went after Jim, but missed. Roger decided discretion was the better part of valor and backed away from Steve’s accurate, but not deadly, fire nursing a wound.

Jim got his bank loot back to the hideout and announced he had ten loot items. We finished out the deck, but no one was in position to deprive Jim of the win.

Friday, April 8, 2016

TSATF: Head 'em off at the pass

Last night we decided to "kick it old school" with some Sword and the Flame. TSATF has been around almost as long as me, and in many ways, like me, shows its age. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun.
One of our three Scotts club brought over his miniatures and his terrain and we tried a game scenario involving the British trying to get supplies through a dangerous stretch of hills to their fort. Scott actually backed off on the number of baddies in the hills awaiting the redcoats, and we still got slaughtered.
 The hills
 "I say, scout those hills."
 "Terribly hot out here, old boy."
 Gunfire from the hills
 "It's a trap!"-RIP Admiral Akbar
 Meanwhile at fort Yoplait
 The British didn't even make the first turn, and the Afghans still had another unit in hiding. There are alot of quirks in the old rules. like the wounded natives on the ground attacking you, British forced to drag their wounded around that make things really tough. Makes me very excited for the upcoming "the Men Who Would be Kings" rules.