Wednesday, October 24, 2018

BLAM download...begin.

I had the great pleasure to travel to London to participate in BLAM (British Lead Adventure Meeting). Most of the games had some sort of a Fistful of Lead tie to them, and it was great to 1- get the invite as the author, and 2- finally put faces to the names on Lead Adventure Forum.
All the games looked splendid, and the genral consensus is they were alot of fun too!
I know I had a blast.
Here's a bunch of pics in no particular order:
 Captain Blood's Game of Thrones game. Got in too late to play, but damn that was a beautiful set up.
 Malamute's Fistful of Lead game. Nice buttes...
 Fistful of Lead: Horse & Musket game with Sharpe getting it in the end...

 My Spanish guerillas knocked out a few British deserters holed up in the convent, but got trounced by their leader.

 Oshiro's Boxer Rebellion game using Muskets and Tomahawks I believe. I best get to owrk on those mass battle rules...
 Great Club Dead zombie game from Akula

 Ahhh, the Fistful of Cocaine 1980s action film inspired Fistful of Lead game. Brutal fun. More on that later.

 More Western action
 Mega City was awe inspiring.

 Plains War I game I played in. We managed to burn 1 tepee....

 Back to the action! I ran the DEA.

No pictures, please. I'm under cover.

 The real threat!
 Oshiro's magnificent colonial Mars game.

Silent Invader's Medieval Rumpus. Each knight had to try and grab the Lady's scarf and present it to her in return for her hand. He used modified Fistful of Lead: Horse & Musket that worked really well.

 My man. Sir Arnulf of Cockswaddle. He need not win.

 Had a just fantastic time with (I hope) my new friends both on and off the game table. There were gents from all over Europe you showed up for some the finest wargaming I've ever been a party to. I was honored so many of them enjoy Fistful of Lead. That's what i do it for.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The Baron on Tour

Taking a break from wargaming to do more wargaming. This time, across the Atlantic to someplace called London, to game with the fine fellows at Lead Adventure forum. I'll post some pics of our adventures along the way.
Until then,
the Baron

Monday, October 1, 2018

Galactic Heroes at RECRUITS

Had a great weekend running Galactic Heroes games at Recruits convention!

 And right next to me was Fistful of Lead game run by another gamer.