Friday, July 25, 2014

Mayhem Mass Battle system as a skirmish.

After last week's Mayhem game, one of the guys asked "why couldn't this be a skirmish game?".
Why not? A stand of troops just becomes a single mini.I statted up my usual suspects who have seen many a skirmish rules set: Song of Blades and Glory, Pulp Alley, GASLIGHT, Mordhiem, the list goes on and on....
This fight would have two sides with 3 players each. The evil faction consisted of Orcs, Barbarians and Chaos.The good, Elves, Humans and Norse.
 Sir Boris and his Retinue.
 Inaar Redhand and his men
 Aeleorth and the his silvan brothers
 Korgoth of Barbaria
 Krug the Ogre and his greenskins
Malldor the Blackhearted and fallen dwarves
At a bend in the river stands the ruins of an old church. Over the years evil has crept into the this part of the land. The old church has now become a site for Chaos worship. Players have to not only claim this site but another in each of their start zones.
The forces of evil went first. My barbarians risked a leader roll and got a one. We let up to 3 models within 1" of each other use the "advance" rule so I at least got 3 guys moving.
The Orcs got to the ruins first. There they took on all comers.
My boys were the first to break. They took out a few of the enemy, but the mounted knight proved our undoing.
 Evil gets on the move

The elven sorcerer failed his Summon spell so miserably that the Chaos wizard got to steal his summoned Ent and use it against them.
The only thing we changed were the rules about leaders. They fight, and the game doesn't end when you lose them. A new leader takes their spot and the Leader die drops a level.
Movement is also less restrictive without stands.
I gotta say, this was most fun we had out of all the rules so far. There is something here....

Friday, July 18, 2014

Thursday night Mayhem.

We had a visitor from the far away land of Minnesota, CluckAmok himself. Chris is a big fan of HoTTs, and wanted to try Mayhem. Both having lots in common, and much that isn't. Mayhem must have sparked even more curiosity because we even got MIA Basement Genral Chad to show too.
Chris brought his amazing Undead HoTTs army that let us field 3 separate Mayhem 200 pt armies. Combined with two orc armies and 3 human, we had 8 commands.
We've played Mayhem 3 times before but never with this many or with magic, or hordes. Worked great. Only problem was I should have started the armies closer to engage quicker.
I did some things horribly wrong rules-wise. But, everyone agreed it was a test game.
Biggest AHA! moment was when Bill suggested we  could use Mayhem as a skirmish game. Simply make the units single miniatures. A play test is in order!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

GASLIGHT AAR: Rockets Away!

With a German invasion looming, all coastal towns have been put on high alert. Particularly those towns with the newly installed Smedley-Smutt's patented Anti-Airship Rockets.
Little did the small village of Grumley's Tavern know, Fritz had landed via submersible a few miles down the coast and was planning to take out the new rockets.
For the scenario, the Germans had to destroy both rocket platforms. One was close, but defended, the other deep in enemy territory. They were lightly armed in the contraption department, but had a marine autogyro and Rokkitruppen.
 The Home Guard (I painted them in a day) come to the defense!
 The unsuspecting village of Grumley's Tavern
 A Smedley-Smutt's patented Anti-Airship Rocket
 Tricycle artillery and a new Red Knight charge out

 Some sneaky Krauts
Rokkitruppen land and take out the Rocket. The stalwart defender held out as long as possible, but lost to the German onslaught. A great GASLIGHT game as usual with fun twists and turns.
The night's pairing.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fistful of Lead custom cards

Fistful of Lead: Reloaded is written and edited. I'm working on custom cards I will offer. Here's a peek.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Spectacular Six: A Fistful of Lead AAR

Last night was one of the most enjoyable game of FfoL I've played. And I've played a lot of Fistful of Lead over the years. It was a scenario I wrote years ago. So, in honor of the late, great Eli Wallach who passed away last week:
"The poor village of Pocoloco has been terrorized for months by the infamous Bandit El Guapo and his band of banditos. Now, the poor villagers have cobbled together enough pesos to to convince some down on their luck gunslingers to help fight the bandit king."
The scenario starts with the Gunslingers set up hidden within the village. El Guapo and d10 banditos start a one point somewhere outside of town. There was only one gap in the walls, and that's where the majority of the gunslingers laid in wait. One took position in the church bell tower.
At the end of each turn, a d10 was rolled. If the number was higher than number of live banditos on the table, another d10 was rolled to see how many showed up. Also, for each bandit killed the previous turn a villager was added to gunslingers.
Each gunslinger got use a d12 and randomly drew one trait. The banditos used the usual d10, and the lowly villagers had to use a 8. 
To win, the banditos had to kill all the gunslingers. The gunslinger won if they killed 12 banditos.
 The infamous (I believe that means more than famous) El Guapo
 The not-so harmless looking villagers

 The ex Marshal and the other Spectacular Six
 Rusty in the bell tower draws first blood to the banditos. While the Marshal drops so more in the street before he too is too wounded and seeks refuge in the church.
 El Guapo makes a visit to the church via the back door.

Can you hear the guns Fernando?

 Handsome Pete hides behind a barrel of tequila

 Rusty rains more lead down

 The gunslingers start to get wounded
 El Guapo corners the Marshal and kills him. It looks grim for the gunfighters
 The villagers strike!

 Slim bites the dust
It came down to this: All gunslingers were dead but Rusty in the tower. He was pinned, guarded by one last villager. The banditos, leaderless, and with 11 dead already send in a man to kill Rusty. The villager kills the 12th bandito and saves the day! Federales show up and drive the rest away.
It was a tense, nail biter ever turn that swung back and forth. One turn the bandits got 10 reinforcements!
Once again Fistful of Lead handled it great. We had close to 30 minis on the table at one time and the game was done in under 3 hours with no slow down. I'll be running this one at the next con.