Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Zee Baron! I actually had a pretty productive painting schedule this year. Got a little bit of everything done. For 2010:
1. Finally get the heavy cav done for my long unfinished Italian Wars Renaissance armies, I've had tons of foot and light horse done for years but never got the Gendarmes done. I have a nice core built, now I just have to add the extras for flavor.
2. More Russian Civil War. Love painting the Copplestone figs.
3. Pike and Shot. My favorite period but I haven't painted that many units. I'm building a solid core of pike amd shot, then add on to cover all parts of the Thirty Years War (and maybe some Unkerlant skirmishes).
4. The War rages on! Unkerlant's currnet sufferings rage on. We had a few scheduling conflicts that pushed back a few battles, but those who have been following the campaign will be surprised by the next few moves. Unkerlant might get a king yet! (though how long he'll keep the title is another matter).
5. 15mm SciFi. Lead Addict Ken gave me a bunch of this stuff for my birthday and I'm steadily hacking away at it.
That's it for now. Haven't taken advantage of my 2 weeks off to use in the painting dept. Mostly playing xbox 360 with my son. Until next year. For God, Glory and Unkerlant!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Gaming

Our usual Thursday game is being interrupted by Christmas Eve, so the Basement Generals got together last night for a Wild West shootout, using my favorite rules Fistful of Lead. As usual, it was a bloody affair. While the bank was being robbed, two groups made of Mexicans and Indians were trying to steal a load of rifles from the US cavalry. The alley outside the bank was slick with blood, but two outlaws managed to escape with the loot. And, the Mexicans got one load of rifles off the table. Always fun!
Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Japanese WW2 Supervillains Pt2

Here's some more baddies to add to growing list of opponents to the Liberty League;
Part 1 was here:
Featured are Tengu (a crow man from Japanese mythology)

Oni, a monster created from mutated Koi DNA

and 4 kamakazi robot explosive devices

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PIkes forward!

Here's a stand of shot I put together. This has always been my favorite period, don't no why I haven't spent more time on it. These boys need some firepower...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Thursday night GASLIGHT

With the holidays coming up, its been tough getting enough of the Basement Generals together for a game. But, last Thursday, 3 braved the cold, and that was enough to cobble together a quick game of GASLIGHT. No scenario, just a brawl between a German/Prof. Nightshade faction and an Anglo-Franco-Russian force.
At first, it looked like bad for the Germans as the French took out the much feared Killenkanner on the first shot of the game. But then, things quickly went south. Professor Nightshade's mechanical minions clattered forth, ignoring any losses thrown their way. In a fire-fight with their human enemies, they decimated the British and Russian soldiers. When the Brits finally got their "Red Knights" into action, they were taken out quickly by Nightshades Killbots.
I managed a few snaps of the action.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Blood Bowl League update

Last night's Thursday game was part of the Blood Bowl League. The Maulers (my team) were handed their first defeat of the season by an 8-year-old (my son). Not just any defeat but a 3-0 loss involving most of the Maulers dead or injured thanks to a pitch invasion.
On the other field, the No-Name Nasties finally got their head wrapped around the game and beat the the One-Eyed-jacks 3-1. To be fair to the Jacks, they were down a few men and lost the use of their star player before the game started to a Dirty Trick.
I'm copying this on the Basement Generals blog also.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Normans and Trolls

...well, GW Orcs actually, but I like them better as trolls. These are just things I managed to do over the Thanksgiving holiday.