Friday, February 26, 2010

Gladiator Thursday

Another Thursday, another game. This time it was gladiators. Each player got the same amount of money to buy their gladiators. They had to compete in 6 matches, and the player with the most money at the end won. Poor betting on my part lost my cash early, and I lost all my gladiators. I had no money to buy new gladiators to fight in the last match. I didn't feel too bad. I wasn't the only one.
the Arena

Example of the Gladiator cards

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Renaissance Light Horse

Here's Old Glory Mounted Crossbows and Arquebusiers. Decent sculpts but only two poses apiece, These will fit in nicely with Leo Tech.

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Di Vinci Tank

I built this baby out of foam core and a lot of push pins. It's not spot on with the original drawing, but I'll be doing more variants.
A command unit:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Leo Tech

Handgunners advance, protected by a "Clanker"...

....While a sniper takes aim (notice the subdued "camo" colors).

Meanwhile, a war wagon rolls up.
The top figs are Old Glory from the Italian Wars range and the machine is classic GW.
The rest are all Games Workshop. I added extra horses than normally come with the war wagon. Two seemed insufficient to pull it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Leonardo Tech

I polled the other Basement Generals about which (of my many) projects they'd like to see me finish first. The majority wanted me to finish what I call Leonardo Tech project. This basically combines steampunk with the Renaissance in a "what if" Leonardo Da Vinci had actually finished all those wonderful war machines. Most of the figures could of course be used as regular historical troops (although they're a bit to uniform, in a world that wasn't).
I'll be posting a few pictures along the way. here are the first, handgunners and halberdiers. I'm basing the squads on 10 man units, which is standard for G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T., the rules I'm tweeking to fit this era.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wanted: Stout Hearted Adventurers

I've started my own OD&D (Old School Dungeons and Dragons) sandbox campaign. The beginnings can be found here:
The first characters are Gibbly Todd (my 10-yr-old daughter's Halfling), Gruffydd (Lead Addict's dwarf), and Dullwyn (My 8-yr-old son's Elf).

More of the Basement Generals will be making PCs too. But I've had a blast playing with both my kids and Lead Addict's, in an adventuring party who's average age is about 8.
I forgot how fun the original D&D rules are. The mechanics are simple, and it becomes more about the tale.

Friday, February 5, 2010

the Legion in Mexico

Last night the Foreign Legion valiantly held out against greater odds, and died, as they should, to a man.
We played a modified version of Fistful of Lead to incorporate the single shot muskets being used. The scenario had 2 players controlling 5 Legionnaires apiece, defending the barracks against an onslaught of 15 Mexicans.
The Legion prepare for battle

The Mexicans advance

The first casualty

The Mexican casualties pile up

The last stand

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A little more info

I've been asked a couple times about my medieval games. Here's some answers:

The figures are 28mm Old Glory. One of their better ranges and cheap compared to others. They may be getting some Perry reinforcements soon.

My table is 8 x 6, but we played this on a 6 x 4 area.

My base sizes are 60mm by 60mm (litko) with 8 heavy foot, 6 for bows, and 3 for cavalry figures mounted a base. This gives a bit of a diorama feel, and a sense of mass.

Each roster fits in a card holder so you can mark off hits with a dry erase marker. Each roster has a picture of the units corresponding flag (to tell them apart), the type of unit, their number needed to hit vs foot and vs. horse, and finally boxes to mark off casualties with the morale roll in each box, so the player can see what roll they need right away.

Finally, commanders need to keep track of the Battlelust of their troops. To much aggression and your troops get tired. Sit around doing nothing, and your troops lose heart. To keep track I have tiny d10s that sit on the commanders base. Pointing towards the enmey is a positive number. Towards you, negative.

Easy, no clutter.
In fact, battlefield clutter is against the Basement Generals credo and will not be tolerated!

Different units

Example of a roster and it's unit

A close up

Hope this helps.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Council of Electors vote

Outside, the capital was cold. But not as cold as the mood inside the Council Chambers. Unkerlant had been at war with itself for  nearly six months, with no end in sight.
One by one the Electors voted. Count Ludwig of Graveholm, sat in a shadowed corner, cadaverous as ever. He was flanked on either side by Borogravian Hussars, instead of his fearsome Black Guard. In a hollow voice he voted. "Graveholm votes for Prince Ruprect."
The proud General Wolf was given the honor of giving the Arch Duchess's of Volborg's vote. Sneering at the assembled Electors he said,"Our beloved Duchess, humbly accepts Volborg's vote for Queen."
Count Ernst Von Wusterberg stood next. He was disheveled and a bit sheepish looking. He glanced nervously and his newly appointed "advisor" from Borogravia. His trusted sister was nowhere to be found.
"I,...we..proudly vote faa, faaa, for Prince Ruprect.
Elector Hans Leopold Jones of Middelheim stood, "The people of Middelheim, the council of Guilds, and the minor nobility,... abstain".
Then it was time Styrland to vote. Elector-General Freidemene, resplendent in his medals and spotless uniform, cleared his vote. "I, humble put forth my own name, in this time of troubles, to be king".
Finally, the head Councillor, Elector of Koenigstadt, and head of the Civic Militia, General Rolf Von Stern stood. "The Elector of Zlobenia, Duke Sigmund, has his vote in forfeiture, owing to fact his capital is in the hands of Franistoverian troops. Therefore, Prince Adelbert has been offered himself as a candidate. As for Koenigstadt, we abstain until a stronger candidate steps forward."
And so, the war waged on the next Spring.
Spring moves coming soon!