Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wanted: Stout Hearted Adventurers

I've started my own OD&D (Old School Dungeons and Dragons) sandbox campaign. The beginnings can be found here:
The first characters are Gibbly Todd (my 10-yr-old daughter's Halfling), Gruffydd (Lead Addict's dwarf), and Dullwyn (My 8-yr-old son's Elf).

More of the Basement Generals will be making PCs too. But I've had a blast playing with both my kids and Lead Addict's, in an adventuring party who's average age is about 8.
I forgot how fun the original D&D rules are. The mechanics are simple, and it becomes more about the tale.


Bluebear Jeff said...

In my opinion all of the "D&D" rules from "Advanced" to the current versions are greatly inferior to OSD&D.

They became far too much "table checking, dice rolling" games instead of "role-playing" games. The early D&D resulted in far more use of imagination than the later versions.

I think that it is great that you're having such a good time with your kids.

-- Jeff

Martin said...

Ah! I have fond recollections of my barbarian warrior, "Bruntog The Destroyer", from my High School days. (Before the Oceans drank Atlantis, and Dinosaurs ruled the Earth.) Nothing like a good dungeon crawl.

Prince Lupus said...

I thought it was just me. My kids and I have great fun with the rules I bought in the 70s.

Tony said...

After reading your latest post, I couldn't helping smirking, those fond memories of my very first D&D games, scraps of paper, sharing a pencil and just one set of dice - Oh how things have changed (and not for the better!)

Good luck in your attempt to get back to those WONDERFUL times. If you can get just a small fraction of the enjoyment I had then it would have been worth it.

A very envious


BaronVonJ said...

It's been fun so far. Funyuns and Mountain Dew are of course, the snacks of choice.
Watching the kids barrel down a dungeon, hacking and slashing without regard, till, as they say, "somebody loses an eye". Then they get super cautious to the point of paranoia. Great fun.