Thursday, February 24, 2011

Super Wednesday!

Emperor Ape, in a another bid for world domination, attacked the labs of Veridian Dynamics, in the center of the city. With him, he brought other members of the Crime Syndicate, the monstrous Behemoth, deadly assassin Killshot, the mind scrambler Eggsterminator, the mighty MANtis, and his simian super weapon ChimPANZER.
The Emperor and his ChimPANZER
Emperor Ape was trying to steal the final component he needed for his dreaded Monkeyfier, a ray that would turn the world's population into simians under his control.
Only the Gallant Guardians could stop him. Arriving on the scene were the mammoth Doc Titan, aging government weapon, A.J.A.X., the tiny Mexican wrestler turn hero Flea, galactic heroine Galaxina, Cyclops and that tasty perveyor of Justice, Hero Sandwich.
Things started off badly for our heroes when A.J.A.X was brought down almost immediately by a mind scramble from Eggsterminator. MANtis managed to break into the labs while his evil cohorts kept the heroes at bay.
Cyclops managed to blast Behemoth right through a wall of the local comic shop with one of his gazer-laser. But, Behemoth answered by hurling a taxi at the one-eyed hero and taking him out of the fight.
Cyclops moments before impact with a taxi
Meanwhile, Flea bounced up the building for a roofstop scrap with Killshot and Eggsterminator, The miniscule mite held his own for a awhile.
Down in the lobby of the building Doc Titan battled Emperor Ape. Titan got the upper hand, but soon, the missing piece was discovered and the Emperor and his larcenous crew escaped. How soon before we're all turned to monkeys?
Hero Sandwich struggles with MANtis

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Robofire! Wednesday

We gave Robofire another whirl. Scott Pyle has been refining his rules and taken some of our suggestions.
Case in point, infantry. They work much better now. Not so weak.
This time it was a battle of an ancient shrine in the ever changing territories of Cambis Prime. Again, we had relatively equal forces, and had relatively equal losses, we tells me the balance is right. This would be a great game to run at RECRUITS, along with whatever game I use the cave for. Bad news is, I probably can't go again this spring due to soccer tournaments. Oh, well.
I really need to get some air forces to try out the flyer rules.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Cave, finished

I'm posting this with the link over to LUDstuff's blog. He's finally finished with the cave complex. I have no words. I'll let the picture do the talking.
This was truly a mammoth effort (pun!) by Warren, and now I must find a game worthy of his work.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Merry (Late) Christmas to me

My lovely wife surprised me this Christmas by buying all 4 Dystopian Wars Fleets from Spartan Games. She purchased it Dec. 18th. I got it Saturday. Almost two months. The very apologetic guy from Spartan said it had something to do with customs.
One thing I noticed on the boxes. The front only shows the sea fleets, which is odd, since the box actually contains some airplanes and bombers. I also thought from the website, that the fleets contained the carriers, too. Not so. I'll be buying them at payday, probably from TheWarStore to avoid the customs issue.
The miniatures are mostly resin, and well cast, with lead weaponry. I'll post pics when I get a chance.
It also came with a deck of cards for the game and the rules.
Thanks again, my Love. And Happy Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Gladiators!!!!

I've been having so much fun with Goalsystem games lately, that I decided why not take my beloved Supersystem and use it for gladiator fights. I've been using "Death or Freedom" for years, but thought why not convert my favorite super hero rules just for fun.
Thus, Super Strength became Strength of Hercules, Entangle became a retiarus net, Force Field became Large Shield. I must say, it worked rather well. All the gladiators were built using the same point values, and the games played pretty balanced. There was no one fighter who seemed too bad ass to beat.
The first six man brawl took a little time, but the next went quicker. This could be a quick convention game.
Flavius Flav and Oompa of Loompaland decide who gets to finish off their downed foe
To make things easier, I rolled in all the modifiers and bonuses so all the player had to do was look at the record sheet and see the number of dice and rerolls.
Minimus Maximus faces Dave the Mediocre and Titus Pancus alone

Thursday, February 3, 2011

More SciFi tanks

Snowed in again. So no games this week. Oh well, got some painting done.
Mechwarrior repaints for Robofire! or Future War Commander.
Close up of the Foxbat Scout Car
SA1 Antitank Vehicle
Joust Tanks of 141st Mechanized

NEW: anybody interested in Scott Pyle's Robofire! should contact him via his Four Color Blog in the blog's list.