Monday, March 29, 2010


I went to RECRUITS Friday night after work, and helped Ken (Lead Addict) of the Basement Generals run a Song of Blades and Heroes game. As usual, the terrain and miniatures got lots of compliments. I left before the battle was over, had to get up early to run my game.
Saturday morning I ran a Fistful of Lead Wild West shootout. It was scenario from the rule book that I've run many times. It was the bloodbath as expected. My games are notorious for creating what we call a "Blood Alley", where most of the killing happens. Don't know why. It just happens every game.
El Gruapo, the bandit/revolutionary leader ended up winning, and the player was awarded a copy of the rules, graciously donated by Greg at Wargame Downloads:
I took a break to play in Basement General Honorary member Chris's 15mm Command and Colors game.
It's the boar dgame, Command and Colors, but played with minis. My side pulled it off the last minute, with me crushing my son's hopes and dreams with a well timed cavalry charge. Sorry, boy.
Then it was time to run a quick GASLIGHT game in the afternoon. The Germans won that one.
Over all, a great couple of days. We had record attendance this time, and I can't recommend this con enough for anyone in the Mid-West.
I'll have pictures soon to add to this.
A.J., sorry I missed you in my game, and hope the auction mishap didn't dissuade you from showing up in the Fall.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Game for RECRUITS

Hey anybody out there. I've decided to run a second game this Saturday afternoon at RECRUITS. This one will be a GASLIGHT battle. Limited space, so get there early!
Oh and look for the Basement General's flag.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grande Armee Thursday

Last Thursday saw the French taking on the Austrians in a 6mm Grande Armee slugfest. As Grandpa would say, "A real Slobberknocker".
In my opinion, GA is the best set of rules for large scale Napoleonic battles. The Fast Play version is even better. Combine this with Scott's beautiful 6mm armies, and you've got yourself a wargamer's dream, great rules, pretty figs and a game that finishes in 3 hours.
I was on the Austrian side along with 2 others, and my 9-year-old son was Napoleon himself, assisted by two adults. The battle started with the Austrian gaining the initiative, but our left flank wouldn't move. Luckily for us, neither did the French opposite him. My troops on the right made a mad dash for the village ahead. My light cavalry was driven off by some French heavies, but it was the distraction I needed to move my Grenadiers into the village.
On the left, my Austrian brethren took another village. The object of the fight was to control 2 of 3 towns till the other side broke. As the forces collided, losses started to mount. We had a breakthrough in the middle, but night was closing. A battle in the woods in the center bogged down both sides and casualties were piling up.

As night fell, the losses were dead even, but we held the towns. Napoleon was stopped, for now.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Manuevers

Winter is finally over in Unkerlant, and with its passing the roads and passes have opened. Soon, armies will criss-cross the countryside, and set the kingdom once again aflame.
Prince Ruprect of Borogravia is in the best place for victory. He has managed to unite 6 other territories under his banner, and present a wide front across the south, from which to launch his offensive.
In the northwest, the Arch Duchess of Volborg has found only two allies to stop the Borogravian juggernaut.
Zlobenia and Franistover are perhaps in the worst shape. Before winter they captured each other's capitals, and refused to budge. As a consequence, neither was able to collect taxes, recruit or recoup losses to their existing units.
Unless these three factions can present a united front, Unkerlant will fall to a foreign invader from the south.

Friday, March 12, 2010


A battle brews deep in the steaming jungles of the Yucatan. There are many mysteries to be uncovered in the Valley of Maccadaccalon: Spanish gold, quantonium deposits and lost professors, to name a few.
So it was that small detachments from France, Germany, Great Britain, the U.S. and the nefarious Prof. Nightshade all converged on the valley in search of plunder!
For last night's GASLIGHT battle I set up some jungle terrain with 6 "Points of Interest". The players wouldn't know what they were until they landed on them. Then, a die was rolled to randomize the find.
The Anglo-American force thought they had it made, plowing through the jungle in an armored personal carrier. That was, until Nightshade's steam walker blew it up second turn. Nightshade's forces also uncovered a "Place of Power" right off. It was worth the most victory points, but it required to be held till the end of the game.
The German's lost their steam tank early too, and were plagued by slow movement through the jungle where the French slowly reduced their numbers.
We called it because of time. Professor Nightshade's force had wreaked terrible damage on most of the other players, but was going to have a hard time holding his objective without ground troops.

Initial set up

The BRute Class Land Ironclad
Nightshade's mechanical nightmares backed by some "locals"

French forces attack the Germans

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Atomic Diner

I pick this Plasticville diner up on ebay, and thought it would be perfect for the 1950s post apocalyptic wasteland of Atomic Cafe 1957. I painted it, rusted it up a bit and added some period advertising on the back. Now I can't decide if I want to board up some windows, there are zombies about, you know.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Hey anyone who's out there! I'll be running a game or two at the end of month at our local con, RECRUITS (see the side bar for link)
It's March 26-28th, and it's well worth the trip. Great games, vendors and genuinely nice atmosphere. Very kid friendly. And cheap. FREE, that's right FREE, for students and military, and only $5 for adults.
I'll probably run a Fistful of Lead game, or I might be persuaded to run a different game, if I get enough requests.
Hope to see ya there.