Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday night Song of Blades

Saturday night saw five brave warbands enter the Valley of Mists, a place of treasures and terrible danger. They were:
Grishnash, leader of a small orc tribe seeking glory.
Sir Gordon the Gold, and his band of adventurers.
Korgoth and his barbarian band.
Aleroth, elevn hero and his forest brethren.
and Sir Reginald de Pu and his retainers.
Right off, Sir Gordon found the Blade of Orc Cleaving, which got Grishnash's attention. Meanwhile Sir Reginald stumbled upon some ghost protecting a ruined temple. After the spirits were driven off, Reginald was awarded with the Bow of Eternity.
One of Korgoth's men, a berserker, ran off by himself and ran into an enchanted well. Unfortunately, it was guarded by a fis monster that quickly dispatched the wayward barbarian. The creature was later eliminated by the other barbarians, which gained them the Boots of the Hare god.
Across the valley battles were being fought and treasure uncovered. It looked like the elves might come out on top, but they got greedy and took on Reginald and his men. Though the great knight fell, his men ended up with 4 of the treasures, besting both elves and barbarians.

the Battle of Vollenbeck

The battle started precisely at noon, with a bold move by Prince Ruprect. Both Borogravia and Volborg battle lines were arrayed in the traditional way, with artillery and infantry in the center, with cavalry on the wings. But Ruprect sent his son, Ruprect the Younger with all the cavalry from the right wing across battle line to the left. He made it halfway and halted. A disaster in the making?
Meanwhile on the Duchy of Volborg's side, General Wolfe couldn't get his troops to move. His troops seemed paralyzed as their right wing was quickly enveloped.
A cavalry clash erupted soon after. The Volborgians fought valiant were systematically destroyed. With his horse decimated, Wolfe called a general retreat, and the Volborgians fell back to their capital, harassed all the way by Borogravian horse.
This was an odd battle. The forces were almost completely equal, but from the start Volborg was plagued by terrible command rolls, that left them at the mercy of Borogravia's much better rolls. This battle was almost entirely a cavalry fight. A few artillery rounds were lobbed, and one round of musketry.
I still love these rules (Might and Reason) and highly recommend them. Now for the fight in the northeast.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Gaming weekend

The Baroness is off for her world tour (girl's weekend). That means a weekend of wargaming. Tonight is the Battle of Vollenbeck, the much anticipated brawl between Volborg and Borogravia, to decide the fate of the west in Unkerlant. Saturday is either a Medieval battle or some VSF. Saturday night is a fantasy skirmish using Song of Blades and Heroes.
I will do my best to document the whole game-fest.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

15mm SciFi

My first foray into 15mm SciFi. These were part of a birthday present from Ken (Lead Addict). They are will be heavy support troops for my French Foreign Legion.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hrothgar's Folly

I'm trying an experiment. I, like others, have discovered that the D&D 2nd edition of our youth was truly the best. I created a random character named Hrothgar, using an online generator. My friend Ken (Lead-Addict), is the DM and he created a blog where the story is told. He writes a bit, I post what I'm doing, he rolls the dice or whatever needs to be done, posts it and so on.
It's like my own personal ZORK! You can follow this experiment at:
Let's see how long I last....
I'm also determined to create art for each part of the story, but set a time limit on each sketch. Above is the first of Our Hero.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I picked this up at Costco purely for the cover, but once I saw the inside map, I was sold. Leviathan is an alternate history on the brink of World War I. But the world poised for war is divided between the Clankers (Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottomans) and the Darwinists (Great Britain and Her allies). The Clankers use machines (war walkers and land battleships) and the Darwinists use bio-engineered super beasts.THe Leviathan mentioned in the title is a giant whale/blimp. Pretty cool, huh? It's a book written for teens, but so far it's action-packed and I love the setting. I smell a steampunk battle on thew horizon.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Stella Starfire

Another friend for Dash Dixon and the Galactic Guardians...