Monday, April 22, 2019

Weekend Painting

Some Black Tree Knights

Friday, April 19, 2019

Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes - Betrayal!

crackle-crackle..."Fire team Bravo, what's it look like out there?"
"All clear Alpha. Except I don't trust those mercenaries we have manning the barricades."

"I hear ya, Bravo, but orders are orders, and I don't mind the rest."
BOOM! Pop! Pop! Pop!
"Alpha, we have movement outside the barricades and the mercs are shooting at each other! Some are headed this way, and they look like trouble!"

"All teams, man the wall! Man the wall! Treat anything headed your way as hostile!"
"Alpha. This is Jenkins in the tower. We have have Rebel troops massing in front of the barricades."
 "All teams! The Rebs have a Mech. Wait, ...make that two!"

"We've dropped most of the mercs, but they Rebs are right behind them! I don't know if we can hold our position."
What a great game. Neither side knew who to trust until the end of the first turn, not even the players running the mercenaries.
Despite some early success, the defenders were finally overwhelmed by numbers. Both mech suits were taken out in spectacular fashion.

This scenario is available for free on our webstore when you subscribe. It's genre non specific, so you could easily use for any period.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Campaign for the Kingdom

I'm not posting any pics this time around. There wasn't enough time. The Claimant to the throne, Duke Archibald, took such a sudden and overwhelming loss, we didn't even have time for pics. It was a brutally one sided affair which doesn't happen very often in these rules.
But here's the results:
Now Rutiger lays claim to the throne of the Kingdom. But for how long?

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

After Salute shareout, parting thoughts.

We're back. Semi rested, taking a day off to readjust to our timezone, and do things like update the blog and getting orders out.
This was my second trip to London in 6 months, the first being my trip to BLAM. That was a great experience filled with fun players and great looking games.
It did nothing to prepare me for SALUTE.
I won't go into specifics, but it's massive. I've had the pleasure of going to San Diego Comicon several times. It was like that, but with miniatures.
Every manufacturer in Europe was there. Almost too much to shop, especially when you have to run a game, and have no suitcase space and are destitute from the flight prices.
The Hordes unleashed!
 A strange mushroom table.
 Simon Miller's To the Strongest Game. More hordes!

 Almost bought a bunch the Darklands miniatures.
 Lace Wars

Speaking of games, it looked like everyone brought out their best toys and scenery. Again, I didn't get much time to roam and take pictures.
We had our own game to run!
James at Oshiro Model Terrain pulled out all the stops to make a fantastic version of a miniature Limehouse. It was the perfect back drop for the new Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror.

 The Count mesmerizes the World's Greatest Detective

 "Best not to be out and about on these streets tonight, mum".

 The detail included the insides
In my zone.
Count Starlinski and his brides had taken up residence in the area and were preying on the locals. Enter 4 teams of Hunters bent on the Count's destruction. They included Sherlock Holmes, Professor Moriarty, Gentle Hunters and band of local street toughs, the Bashers, not happy with their neighbors getting eaten.
We spent the morning trying to get players. Most everyone was too busy trying to get their own shopping lists full. We finally decided to start playing ourselves, and as they say, "if you play, they will come".
Immediately we had our players along with other in line and onlookers asking questions.
We ended up running 2 full games with the forces of good, and evil trading wins.
I got to meet some fans of the rules along the way, and make some new converts.
Special thanks to Nick and Mark for helping run the game. Nick of has an amazing new miniature line especially made for Gothic Horror: Highgate Miniatures, available through Oshiro.
Both games had great moments. Lots of baclstabbing, double dealing and dice gone wrong.
It was definitely a whirlwind. No sooner had we begun and I looked around to find everyone cleaning up. I quickly ran around filling friend's shopping lists and trying to nab a few things for me.
My haul:
 Some DUST miniatures I've been eyeing. Not Willy Wonka and his minions for a future ToH game, paint, some nice scatter terrain from James and the whole current Highgate line.
 Highgate Vampires are fantastic.
and a Copplestone frost giant.
I've already been asked to attend and run a game next year. Guess I better start writing rules and saving pennies...

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Salute! Bound...

Yours Truly, Zee Baron, is leaving the comfort of his palatial estate to travel across the Pond to Salute in London.
I'll be running the "Horror in Limehouse" Fistful of Lead game using our new Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror supplement. Stop by and play, or just say "Hello". We're at table GA-06.
The game table looks amazing!!!
We'll be selling both Tales of Horror and the new Fistful of Lead Core Rules (which you'll need to play ToH) at the Oshiro Model Terrain booth located at TB-04.
Also at the trade booth are the new Highgate Miniatures, perfect for Gothic Horror.
Both rulesets will be available from Wiley Games webstore the same weekend.

Now, where has my manservant put my smoking jacket? Fritz!