Friday, July 30, 2010

Battlefield Evolution World at War test drive

Maybe it was the offer of free booze, or maybe everyone wanted some WW2 again. We've tried different rule sets over the years, but never clicked with any of them. Like all the Basement Generals games, we want something simple, can be played in about 3 hours, but gives a feel for the period. So, we gave Battlefield Evolution: World at War a whirl.
Rules? Check. Dice? Check. Beer? Check. Cigar? Check.

We kept it simple. No tanks, no artillery, no crazy objectives. 6 1/2 players (the Boy would run a MG team and the panzerschrect), each controlling a squad with the option of splitting those into fire teams. The rules themselves are basic. One side goes, then the other, with each unit getting two actions. You can move/shoot, move/move, shoot move, etc. No big revelation here, except when you take in the Reactions. If an enemy unit comes within 10" or fires on you, the target may fire or move in reaction. The shooting mechanics are simple enough charts weren't really needed after awhile.

Germans emerge from the trees

The objective was the walled farmhouse. Take and Secure. Both sides closed from each end of a 6 x 8 table, playing length-wise. As in real life, plans went smoothly til the bullets started flying. Players found how deadly gunfire is. A well placed MG can wipe a squad out quickly. Now, for a word about Morale. There isn't any, really. When a unit is reduced to half, be it a fire team or squad, they are mostly combat ineffective. They can take no offensive actions, merely react. No rolls for morale. Some players took awhile to adjust to this, but I thought it had a lot of subtlety to it.
The Americans attempt a crossing

Splitting you squad into smaller units gave them more flexibility, but made them more vulnerable when casualties started. Bigger squads could take more hits, but were had less tactical options.
On the American left, a well placed German MG cut the squad to pieces, effectively taking them out of the equation. On their right, a stream seemed to slow them down for an inordinate amount of time. Maybe they were just being cautious?  When they finally did get across, a bazooka shot took the corner off the building along with most of a German squad.
Overall, I liked them. I want another try. I find a couple of play tests is what you need for a final decision.
The remnants of squad huddle next to a wall for cover

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spring in Unkerlant (move 2)

The second half of May shows both the Grand Duchy of Volborg and Borogravia making what seems to be movements for the capital, Keonigstadt. Meanwhile, the battered forces of Franistover and Zlobenia trudge back to their respective bases. With newly acquired troops from conquered lands, can the Borogravian juggernaut be stopped? Will a foreign prince sit upon Unkerlant's throne? The kingdom waits and watches...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Basement-Con One Month away

That's right, the convention-in-my-basement is just a month away and I've begun work on the signature game for Saturday night. Here's a hint:
As a Basement Generals signature game, it must contain:
2- Robots
I'm ordering the few figures I'll need to complete it, while narrowing down the agenda. Friday night might either be "Fistful of Lead" Western game or a WSS Might and Reason game, or both depending on attendance.
Saturday morning to lunch break, a medieval slugfest or Battlelore/Commands and Colors 15mm fantasy or both.
Saturday lunch break to dinner: Victorian SciFi
Saturday night, the above game. Lunch and dinner will be provided by me, in return, I only ask for a small donation to the snack and drink fund. Anybody interested should contact me here.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Just got back from vacation and saw we know have 52 followers. Wanted to take time to thank everybody who's joined my little adventure over the last 2+ years. There's still lots more to come. Things in Unkerlant have heated up again, always got lead to paint, Basement-Con is quickly approaching and I've got more blogs than I can keep track of sometimes.
The great rebasing of all my Renaissance stuff continues. The Basement Generals want me to get more Leonardo-Tech stuff done so we get play and I want a Retro Sci-Fi game maybe in time for Basement-Con.
Again, thanks to all.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Subterrans of Moon 6

No game this week so I thought I'd post some minis I finished recently. These are for my Retro-SciFi games, The Outer Space Adventures of Dash Dixon and the Star Rangers.
The miniatures are from the Old Glory Supersystem line. I think they're called Servitor Drones.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Basement Con is On! (now with merchandise!)

We have an official date for Basement Con (the convention in my basement). Friday evening August 27th and Saturday the 28th. Escape the heat of a Missouri summer by gaming in my cold, smelly basement.
Basement-Con is located conveniently smack dab in the middle of the US of A, in Independence, (home of Harry Truman) Missouri.
To commemorate this occasion, we're making a new Basement Generals T-shirt, and for the first time possibly making it available to the general public for those who cannot attend Basement-Con.
As the date approaches I will post more info on events, times, etc. See ya there!
Note on the design: This T-shirt commemorates a game that seemed to contain all the best of wargaming. At one point, I over heard a pre battle discussion as how to best deploy the troops. It went something "No, no. First the Zombies, then the robots, then the tanks." It became our unofficial motto. A featured game of Basement-Con will have all three.

Some people have asked where I'm located in the state. Tada!:

Friday, July 9, 2010


In a bend of the River Budenski, lies the small Balkan state of Krappultavia. There, in Castle Krum, vile experiments are taking place. Krappultavia has a reputation of somewhat lax moral standards when it comes to scientific research, with forays into biochemical warfare and the occult.
Now, news has reached French and English spies that the top Krappultavian scientist is currently residing at Castle Krum. A joint Franco-British task force has been dispatched to capture or kill said scientist.
Defending Castle Krum is a German force bolstering a Krappultavian Home Guard.
Both forces advanced slowly. A German "flying wing" was formed from their fastest forces, Rokkit Truppen, a Jaguar Motorized Velocipede, and a Wespe Gyrocopter. British Naval Landing troops moved forward in a Brute Class Land Ironclad, protected by its armored sides.
French Regulars and Marines took cover in a small wooded area approaching the castle, while a Spyder Armored Walker trundled through the trees. With a loud "bang" the Spyder's main gun disabled the Krappultavian Armored Steam Wagon.

Advancing British troops were greeted by a hail of bullets from the Jaguar. It's motorized Gatling Gun spewed a hail of bullets. Fortunately for them, but not for Corporeal Jenkins, all the bullets struck one man. 
A group of Germans emerged from the safety of the castle to take potshots at the rest of the British but were forced to retreat when the Brute's main gun opened up on them. Next, the Rokkit Truppen's rocket packs roared to life as them "jumped" behind the poor Brits, cutting them to ribbons with their clockwork repeaters. They in, turn were shredded by fire from the Naval Troops inside the Brute.
Meanwhile Krappultavian troops worked frantically to get their Steam Conveyance operational, protected by machine gun fire from the castles turrets. They got working long enough to take stomp from the Spyder, disabling it again.
But sides had taken high casualties. The Naval Troops were slowly whittled down by fire from the castle and the newly emerged Killenkanner, whose flamethrower proved devastating.
In the end, only a few French troops were left to storm the castle. They were outnumbered and easily thrown back by the defenders inside. The Aliles were forced to retreat, leaving Castle Krum to crank out more vile creations.

An Impervious suit falls victim a to Krappultavian troops.

AJ asked about the units cards:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Renaissance Cards for CandC

Just to make it easier for players, I worked up some unit cards for a Commands and Colors Renaissance game I'm working on. Each card lists how far a unit can move, number of dice to throw for Ranged and regular Battles. I even color coded and listed the number of stands in the unit.
The final product will have an actually picture of the miniatures. I have this pic as a place holder.
I had hoped to have the game ready for RECRUITS in September, but I won't be able to attend, as it's my 15th anniversary, and I'm taking my wife on a much needed vacation. So maybe I'll be ready for BASEMENT-Con instead.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Commands and Colors Medieval

The field before the fight

Last week we ran a game of BattleLore with miniatures. Last night, the Basement Generals tried Commands and Colors (a Classical Age set of rules) with my Wars of the Roses figures. Instead of 3-4 blocks representing the troops, I used a single big base, which I've used in the past with my standard Medieval rules. For hits we used a small die.
A standard base. These were rated "green" for C&C.

In the future I would look at using a casualty stand.
Needless to say, it worked great. No fuss over ranges, movement or results. It played out realistically (as far as I know, not owning a time machine), although it lacked the chaos of the rules I usually use for this period.
The game played out in 2 hours with 48 stands (roughly 350 28mm miniatures), with a definite outcome. Try that with another ruleset!
Hexes for movement.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

BASEMENT-Con is on!

Got a date now, Friday August 27th and Saturday 28th. Depending on attendance, I'll have anywhere up to three tables going. Admission will be attendees bringing food and drink for the enjoyment of all. I'll finalize which games I'll run and post as we get closer. Anyone interested please let me know. Basement Generals, I know you'll be there...