Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Basement-Con One Month away

That's right, the convention-in-my-basement is just a month away and I've begun work on the signature game for Saturday night. Here's a hint:
As a Basement Generals signature game, it must contain:
2- Robots
I'm ordering the few figures I'll need to complete it, while narrowing down the agenda. Friday night might either be "Fistful of Lead" Western game or a WSS Might and Reason game, or both depending on attendance.
Saturday morning to lunch break, a medieval slugfest or Battlelore/Commands and Colors 15mm fantasy or both.
Saturday lunch break to dinner: Victorian SciFi
Saturday night, the above game. Lunch and dinner will be provided by me, in return, I only ask for a small donation to the snack and drink fund. Anybody interested should contact me here.


Lead Addict said...

I had better start working on basing for the Battle Lore Troops.

BaronVonJ said...

Make it so.