Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The story so far...

No game this Thursday, True Believers. So thought I'd take the time instead to update what's on the workbench, and what's next for the Baron.
Currently on the painting table are 24 French Napoleonic miniatures I'm painting for Lead Addict. Some of the Basement Generals have volunteered to to each take a unit, so we can finally do some Nappy gaming in God's Own Scale. Even great Perry sculpts cannot help from reminding me why I don't paint more from this period. All those lapels, and straps, and buttons! After painting the simple uniforms from the War of Spanish Succession, let alone the Italian Wars, this is a chore.
Right behind the Frenchies are more Italian Wars. This is a project I actually have light at the end of the tunnel for. Like my VSF stuff, it's one of those periods I can keep building on, or not, as much as I want.
While on the subject of projects, let's review all the irons I have in the fire:
- Russian Civil War/ Back of Beyond: One of those "in between" periods I'm so fond of. I have a few units done, and enough bare lead to sink a ship. Seriously, I have obscene amounts of Copplestone RCW troops. Like, moving crates full. Troops can be colorful and easy to paint. The hold up? Terrain. Yes, the Russian steppes are easy to pull off on the gaming table, but the buildings are sort of unique, and most battles centered around rail stations. Trains suitable for 28mm? $$$$$$$$$.
- Retro SciFi: FLASH! Ahhh-ahhh! Almost there, but again. I want to do it right. The scene. The set. The rules. They all need to do it justice. I plan on this being more of a RPG-lite ongoing serial.
- Hail Caesar (Sauron): There are a bunch of tiny Dwarves staring at me, waiting for paint. They look angry.
- Fistful of Lead, Horse and Musket: The long awaited sequel to my original Cowboy/Wild West rules are done. What I need are scenarios, proofreading and art. Oh, and enthusiasm.
- Unkerlant: Though the war has raged for years, alas, to my great shame, it has been waged with paper soldiers mostly, and not lead.
There you have it. Just a few of the many projects waiting in the wings. And most likely where they'll stay.
I have two great kids heavily involved in sports during the week and most weekends. I have a wife that actually likes to be around me. September has been a total shit month. A ton of work. A huge event to put on at the end of the month. My father was hospitalized (briefly, thank God). And the death of close family member who was the same age as me (42). Suddenly, time spent driving my kids to practice, was well, time with my kids. Simple things like sitting on the couch, holding hands with my wife watching TV became more important. Silly arguments, became silly arguments, easily forgotten.
Little lead guys can wait.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Battle of Quebec at RECRUITS

Had to, had to, had to link over to Cluck Amok's battle report from this Fall's RECRUITS. Chris put on the best looking game of the con. I was able to see it briefly before I had to split. Here's some pics I stole, but see even more and and full battle report at his blog.

Monday, September 17, 2012


This game was actually last Thursday, but as mentioned before, there was a lot going on last weekend. The day before RECRUITS is always hit or miss. Some guys can't get a kitchen pass for Thursday AND all weekend. But, it turned out 7 could. GASLIGHT always brings 'em out.
In our last episode, the otherworldly "visitor" had crash landed. The German Alliance had made off with him. The Anglo-French forces needed to find out what was going on, so they set out to get one of their most trusted men behind enemy lines, Sir Percival Armstrong, and his faithful man servant Mpopo.
All the smoke and clanking alerted the Germans to attack. They held a small farmhouse and crossroads. They new any machines would have to cross at the stone bridge, but unsure if the large stream would slow them down.
From the start the allies seemed to have the upper hand. Most of their contraptions sprang to life and ran most of the game, while the Germans with their ally the nefarious Prof. Nightshade (boo,hiss) couldn't seem to get anything running.

The Unicycle Uhlans prepare to charge, protected by a clockwork tank. A design flaw on the armored conveyance, only allows for broadsides. Rokkitruppen await in the trees.

A royal Navy landing Party advances through the woods.

Nightshade's forces. His Steam Automatons, know no fear.

A single brave Uhlan charges home against the Zoaves.

Meanwhile, the Lady Hussars defend the farmhouse

There were many brave deeds that night, but in the end, the Allies managed to shift the bulk of their troops to one side. With the hour getting late, it was deemed a tactical victory for the German forces, but a strategic one for the Allies as Sir Percival got through the lines. We'll run a smaller, RPG-like game for the next installment as Sir Percival attempts to get into the secret base. A little 007 in 1883.
I will post some RECRUITS pics next, but in the mean time, I've decided show the pairings, if you will, that I usually do for the evenings entertainment. As it was a cold rainy night, I went with "Old Speckled Hen", an English Ale. With a nice, mild cigar too, of course.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September Be Crazy...

...so crazy I won't even be having a game this week. But, since I have your attention, I'll use this time to once again pimp for RECRUITS!, our local Kansas City wargaming convention.
Here's a Jack Kirby Comic inspired cover I did for the program:

Once again, I have to say how great this little con is. This one marks the 10th year it has been on, and the 20th show. Yes twice, TWICE I SAY, a year Duane Fleck and crew put the convention on. It started with a few games and vendors and has grown every year. It is the cheapest to get in you will ever find. $5 for adults for the whole weekend, and free for students and military. It is VERY kid friendly, as the whole point of the con is to introduce the hobby to a new generation. People complain about the "graying" of the hobby, but RECRUITS! is doing something about it.
If you are anywhere in the midwest, please come on down. We have people from Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Minnesota. It'll be worth it. I'll be there! Meet the Baron!
Okay off the soapbox.
...and probably of no interest to anyone is my clan's annual Oktoberfest, the end of the month. Yes, Oktoberfest is in September. Look it up.
My mom's family came over from Germany in 1754 to avoid Frederick the Great's recruiters. Though far from the Fatherland (is that politically correct, still?) in both time and space, we still celebrate. PROST!