Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Arise Volborg!

Witnesses have reported the Duchy of Volborg has finally mobilized. Troops have massed in the towns of Vollenbeck and Sturmbeck. Leading the whole affair is not the Duchess's consort Augustus, but the dashing General Maximillian Wolfe, only confirming Augustus is too busy with court intrigue and controlling rumors of the Arch Duchess's absence.
Wolfe and his sub commander General Otho Blackwald, have mustered their troops in Sturmbeck, while three other armies have been raised in Vollenbeck led by generals Dracohelm,Kringle and Reichfells. What will happen next?

Professor Nightshade's Iron Legion

Enter the nefarious Prof. Nightshade and his steam powered legions. Known for giant steel monstrosities, now the mad genius has mastered the art of miniaturization. Who will stop his Iron Legions...?

Monday, June 29, 2009


Some White forces to fight the previously posted Reds.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Elite Units

Each major region of Unkerlant boasts an elite unit known for their bravery and loyalty. Most were mentioned in earlier travelogues. Here are their uniforms, so that the enemy might know them on the battlefield.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The North and East Mobilize!

Amidst growing concerns about both the health of our beloved monarch, and Borogravian forces massing on the border, Franistover and Zlobenia called up the troops.
Sources in both regions have confirmed the following:
Three armies have formed in Franistover's capital of Wurzen under Prince Adalbert, while in Waldenhof two armies have massed, pushing the limits of the little town's capacity to feed them.
Meanwhile in Zlobenia, Duke Sigmund has assembled three armies, called up in each of its three major towns. The army in Zlobenburg is led by old General Oscar Frankfurter and the army in Hurn is commanded by General Wilhelm Vasistas. The normally idle Duke is rumored to command the first army raised in Altenbruk, aided by his cavalry commander General Otto Bahn.
The Arch Duchess in Volborg is oddly silent, although stockpiles of food and arms have been filling warehouses around the duchy. All of Unkerlant holds its breath!

Borogravia's Dutch Guard

Pictured are the feared Dutch Guard, mercenaries and the personal bodyguard of Prince Ruprect. Like most elite units they are better paid and allowed to modify their colors, in this case, the red, white and blue stripes of the Netherlands with the rampant lion of Borogravia.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hail Borogravia!

Pictured: Von Bombast's 1st Regiment

28mm Napoleonics!

I game I unfortunately missed:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tiny Generals

Somebody's got to command these armies.

The Swordsman

A Golden Age hero from Britain to join the Liberty league in their struggle against the Axis menace.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Foreign troops massing on the border!

With our beloved king on his deathbed, that villain Prince Ruprect has started massing his troops on the border, ready to invade Unkerlant! Spies report the exiled monarch of Borogravia is leading one of the invading armies himself along with his foreign mercenary generals, Vladamir Kergan and Von Sedlitz, each with a column.
The border town of Grenzstadt, recently captured by Borogravian troops now has two armies ready to attack led by General Janos Czerezya and by Ruprect the Younger. All Unkerlant holds its breathe!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Warring Factions, done

That's it. The Travel Log is done. The Commanders of the Warring Factions meet tonight to discuss the rules and the campaign will start shortly there after. The Unkerlant Chronicle will be there to cover all the latest news. Now to get painting!

The Warring Factions: Borogravia

There has been little contact with Borogravia since the conflict known variously as the First War of Unkerlant Succession, the Third Unkerlant Civil War and the King’s Sauerkraut War. Borogravia was stripped from the kingdom and declared an independent Principality. The current ruler, Prince Ruprect, is the son of Karl Franz III’s brother Otto. In most cases Prince Ruprect would be the obvious choice to succeed his uncle, but Ruprect is seen as a “foreigner” and thus unacceptable. Prince Ruprect has tried to have his uncle assassinated multiple times, but this isn’t unusual for Unkerlant.
When still part of the greater kingdom, Borogravia was a dark, murky valley huddled between mountains and forest forming a foreboding cul-de-sac. Ruprect is rumored to have opened his land up to foreign trade, and started several building projects to modernize his tiny holding, mostly roads to facilitate the movement of troops.
The Prince is a patient tactician, both in politics and on the battlefield. Borogravians are decent soldiers, as proven by their recent capture of the border town, Grenzstadt. Their ranks are swelled with foreign mercenaries from as far away as the Netherlands and the Balkans. When Borogravian troops set foot in Unkerlant again, it will be to make the country whole again.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Warring Factions: Zlobenia

This northern duchy is considered the most “European”, by their fellow denizens of Unkerlant, and therefore the least Unkerllantian. The Duke allows foreigners in his court and has even traveled extensively outside the country. A fact that horrifies most of the country. The king, Karl Franz III did sire a child that lived to adulthood, just not a child with the queen. Before he married Queen Elzbeth, the king fathered a child with the Duchess Friedricha of Zlobenia. The duchess never married, and their son Sigmund took the title of Duke of Zlobenia after her death in 1673. Duke Sigmund “the Bastard”, is an indifferent ruler, usually hunting instead of governing. Only recently, has Duke Sigmund showed any interest in ruling, with the death of his absentee father looming.
Zlobenia is hilly and actually has almost passable farmland, even growing grapes for the famous Zlobenian wine “Unkergrappen”. TAs for populated areas, the town of Altenbruk commands two crossing points for the River Blut and as such is of great strategic importance to the Duke.
Hurn sits amid decent horse country and houses the Royal Stables, home to the formable Ducal Horse Grenadiers. Chosen from amongst the best (and largest) horsemen in the duchy, these mounted grenadiers are fiercely loyal to the duke and form the vanguard of any military mission the duchy takes.
Zlobenburg is the home of the duke, and looks like any other modern city in Europe, except the citizenry has the usual gloomy, melancholy look of most Unkerlantians.
Zlobenian troops have been introduced to modern European drill and tactics by foreign advisors imported by the duke. But, other than the Horse Grenadiers, most troops are indifferent soldiers, suspicious of outsiders giving them orders.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Warring Factions: Franistover

The Principality of Franistover is on Unkerlant’s far eastern border. This mountainous region is governed by Prince Adalbert of Franistover, cousin to Karl Franz on his mother’s side. The prince is often called Adalbert the “Addle-Brained”. He is a portly man and gregarious by Unkerlantian standards, but prone to often bizarre decisions like knighting his chef after he baked a particularly good pie. But, underneath his sometimes laughable exterior, is a seasoned statesman. Unkerlantian politics are not for the faint hearted, filled with often deadly consequences. Adalbert has managed to keep his lands relatively prosperous and free of most of the conflict that often plagues the greater kingdom.
Roads in Unkerlant are at best bad, but the roads in Franistover are down right terrible. This fact has kept invading armies out, but makes trade between the principality’s towns near impossible. Wurzen, the capital, besides having a respectable Kannonball team, is home to the Prince’s Own Loyal Mountaineers. These stalwart fellows not only act as engineers keeping the passes open, but form a crack fighting unit in times of war.
Waldenhof lies to the south. It is an isolated place high in the foothills, with more of a far flung outpost feel, than a modern town. There are more drinking establishments than churches in Waldenhof, which only adds to myth of the hard drinking frontiersmen of Franistover.
The soldiers of Franistover are a tough lot, used to harsh conditions of their home. Campaigns seem like a vacation.

Volborg marches on!

The 1st Regiment (Von Klump's)

The Holstaff Grenadiers

The Arch Duchess's Own Elite Grenadier Guards

General Drago, Commander of the Robot Legion

Just another villain for Dash Dixon to dispatch!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Warring Factions: the Duchy of Volborg

The Duchy of Volborg has been ruled by the Arch-Duchess Brunhilde, the older sister of King Karl Franz III, for more than a generation. Her portrait, with its disapproving frown, graces the mantel of every home and hovel across the duchy. The devotion of her people reaches almost religious fervor. Though she is older than her sibling the king, she was never a serious candidate to rule until now. No queen has ever ruled Unkerlant, except for short, disastrous reign of Ekaterina I, also known as the Black Queen. Since then, agnatic succession, that is, succession by only males, has been strongly enforced. Brunhilde has not been seen in public for quite some time, and it is whispered in halls of the capital that Volborg is secretly ruled by the Arch Duchess’s consort Count Augustus, as much disliked by his people as Brunhilde is loved. Whether this rumor is true or not will only be answered when Volborg makes it bid to rule the country.
Volborg itself is one of largest lands of the kingdom. Surrounded by mountains and covered in rolling hills and forests, Volborg juts like a defiant fist out into the west.
The capital of the duchy is also named Volborg, and boasts a population almost equal to Koenigstadt. It’s main exports are a watery cheese called Gluppenschwill, and uncomfortable wooden shoes. The towns of Vollenbeck and Sturmbeck live in constant jealousy of their bigger sister Volborg, and make it a point in trying to do out do each other at every turn. If one builds a church, the other must try and build a larger one, and so on.
When war starts, as it seems inevitable, Volborgians are proud, fierce fighters, loyal to their duchess and their cause.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Minor powers, done.

The Travel Log for the Minor Powers of the KIngdom of Unkerlant is done. Next, the warring factions!
Also added link to Emperor Vs Elector, so Unkerlant joins the many Imagi-nations.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Unkerlant Travel Log: Koenigstadt

The glorious capital of Unkerlant, home to the king, the most beautiful town in all the land, Keonigstadt is a seething cesspit of court intrigue, backstabbing and betrayal. Though loved by most of his people, Karl Franz III spent most of his reign locked up in the palace protected by his elite bodyguard. Several assassination attempts by Borogravia kept the king a prisoner in his own castle. The Koeingstadt Civic Militia that kept him safe, are some of the most elite soldiers in Unkerlant. The Militia have become a political force to feared also. How they vote often determines who the next king will be. Commanding them is General Rolf Von Stern, a harsh disciplinarian who has managed to whip the Civic Militia into the fierce regiment they have become.
The city itself is deserving of the praise it gets as a beautiful town. Whereas most burgs in Unkerlant are dark gloomy places, Koenigstadt is bright and airy. Underneath it all, though, is a layer of dark intrigue. Spies and saboteurs lurk around every corner, waiting to take advantage of Unkerlant’s current troubles.