Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Warring Factions: the Duchy of Volborg

The Duchy of Volborg has been ruled by the Arch-Duchess Brunhilde, the older sister of King Karl Franz III, for more than a generation. Her portrait, with its disapproving frown, graces the mantel of every home and hovel across the duchy. The devotion of her people reaches almost religious fervor. Though she is older than her sibling the king, she was never a serious candidate to rule until now. No queen has ever ruled Unkerlant, except for short, disastrous reign of Ekaterina I, also known as the Black Queen. Since then, agnatic succession, that is, succession by only males, has been strongly enforced. Brunhilde has not been seen in public for quite some time, and it is whispered in halls of the capital that Volborg is secretly ruled by the Arch Duchess’s consort Count Augustus, as much disliked by his people as Brunhilde is loved. Whether this rumor is true or not will only be answered when Volborg makes it bid to rule the country.
Volborg itself is one of largest lands of the kingdom. Surrounded by mountains and covered in rolling hills and forests, Volborg juts like a defiant fist out into the west.
The capital of the duchy is also named Volborg, and boasts a population almost equal to Koenigstadt. It’s main exports are a watery cheese called Gluppenschwill, and uncomfortable wooden shoes. The towns of Vollenbeck and Sturmbeck live in constant jealousy of their bigger sister Volborg, and make it a point in trying to do out do each other at every turn. If one builds a church, the other must try and build a larger one, and so on.
When war starts, as it seems inevitable, Volborgians are proud, fierce fighters, loyal to their duchess and their cause.


Frankfurter said...

Looks like you've been having fun!
But I didn't find the map for the whole country to see how all this tiny provinces fit together?

Capt Bill said...

An overall might be helpful, but what of state security? Your uniforms, flags and maps are really quite unique...

Fitz-Badger said...

I love the maps, uniform guides, travel logs, drawings, etc.! An excellent, creative an imaginative body of work!

old-tidders said...

Welcome to Europa !

Greetings from the Kingdom of Wittenberg.

Whereabouts are you in Europa in relation to other imagi-nations -- see schematic 'Map of Europa' at; if you would like an entry 'E-mail Brother James'.

-- Allan

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Excellent work with the generation of units, uniforms, etc. Keep up the great work!!

BaronVonJ said...

The exact location of Unkerlant and it's place in the world, are indeed, at a matter of state security. Our tiny kingdom has managed to survive this long by its unique geography and violent xenophobia. What foreigners we have are usually descendants of immigrants brought in for specific tasks, and then forbidden to leave as a matter of security. For, instance, the elite Swiss guard of Volborg were originally brought in as cheese makers for Duke Vincent Von Volborg 3 generations ago.
Maps of the Unkerlant itself are an intensely guarded secret. Although it is rumored the Unkerlant Chronicle, the only trusted newspaper of the kingdom, might be providing maps as a accompaniment to their correspondence of the ever approaching war.
Ever your servant,
Aide to his Royal and Just Majesty, Karl Franz III