Thursday, June 25, 2009

The North and East Mobilize!

Amidst growing concerns about both the health of our beloved monarch, and Borogravian forces massing on the border, Franistover and Zlobenia called up the troops.
Sources in both regions have confirmed the following:
Three armies have formed in Franistover's capital of Wurzen under Prince Adalbert, while in Waldenhof two armies have massed, pushing the limits of the little town's capacity to feed them.
Meanwhile in Zlobenia, Duke Sigmund has assembled three armies, called up in each of its three major towns. The army in Zlobenburg is led by old General Oscar Frankfurter and the army in Hurn is commanded by General Wilhelm Vasistas. The normally idle Duke is rumored to command the first army raised in Altenbruk, aided by his cavalry commander General Otto Bahn.
The Arch Duchess in Volborg is oddly silent, although stockpiles of food and arms have been filling warehouses around the duchy. All of Unkerlant holds its breath!


Prinz Geoffrey said...

Prinz Geoffrey offers support in the form of two (2) regiments (IR-5 Aurora and IR-8 Jung) for the defense of Zlobenia if his grace would wish.

I have a some 10mm OG units painted up:

November 24, 20008 entry

that I would like to mail to you for your campaign if you would like. IR-Aurora was the brainchild of Abdul666 would be fun to see some Cavenderian regiments in Zlobenian service. Email me if you are interested at jeffreycavender at hotmail dot com.


BaronVonJ said...

Dearest Prinz Geoffrey,
Unkerlant appreciates your kind offer but must decline, as painting these hordes is half the fun. Besides, only a villain like Prince Ruprect would dare let foreigners trod on Unkerlantian soil!
I remain, as ever, Your Humble Servant,
Aide to His Most Royal and Just King Kark Franz III

p.s. Seriously, thanks for the offer.

tradgardmastare said...

What rules are you intending to use with these splendid chaps?

BaronVonJ said...

Might and Reason are the rules, by Sam Musatfa. I loved his Grande Armee rules for Napoleonics and eagerly jumped on these. I think they are great for Lace Period. You can use whatever scale you wanted, and no need to re-base if use a different system (just make some movement trays). The author is very involved in the Yahoo Group an is there to answer questions.
The main website is:

Prinz Geoffrey said...

very well, our thoughts and prayers go out to the good Zlobenians. Perhaps a diplomat could be sent as we have many diplomats throughout Euratia and have as yet not sent a 10mm diplomat.