Friday, March 29, 2013

Black Powder ACW in 28mm

One of my favorite periods at my favorite scale. John brought the minis, I provided the table. Since every Thursday is basically a mini convention at my house, we used Black Powder. Quick to learn, quick to play and generally gives the right feel.
The scenario was a Union assault on the far left flank of Rebel entrenchments. The Rebs were outnumbered almost 2:1, but they had the works to defend, and an extra gun.
The Union attack faultered from the start. Our right (yes, I had to play the dirty Blue-bellies), sputtered to a halt. I'm pretty sure the Brigadier was drunk. The left closed too soon thanks to a blundered and was chewed up and spit out early. That left me with an uncoordinated attack in the center. The few that made it over the wall were decimated.

Meanwhile the REb cavalry was able to sweep in from behind (that's the way they like it!), and break up the right side of the attack.

As usual, a good game. We finished in about 2 hours. Might even get me painting some troops.

On an altogether sad note ( I don't Facebook, so this my shout out), long time friend of a few of us Basement Generals, Tom "Big Finger" Bajt passed away a few days ago. I knocked back more than a few last night in his honor.
Tom was born with a disfiguring disease that would have killed most people long ago. We grew up in a less PC time. He dealt with alot of crap. He could have let it get to him, bring him down. But instead, he turned out to be one of the most positive people I know. He was a fighter, and as such, surely Odin prepared him a table in Valhalla. Save me seat, pal.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pulp Alley Leagues: the Nefarious Wu Fang

International criminal Mastermind, Wu Fang. Hunted by governments across the globe, but always one step ahead. Wu Fang is believed responsible for the theft of the Emperor's Stone, the kidnapping of Lord Smutts and recent bombings in Prague.
The Master himself (paint scheme stolen from Bob Murch)
Ping, Wu Fang's strong man
The deadly Lin Ling
Fu, leader of Wu Fang's nameless hordes...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pulp Alley Leagues: The Grey Ghost & his League of Murdered Men

The Grey Ghost. A name only spoken in hushed whispers by the criminal underworld. A gray clad spirit of vengence, like a whisp of smoke he appears, striking down those villains who prey on the weak.
Together with his League of Murdered Men, those wretches supposedly killed by evil doers, he haunts the night, bringing justice to the unjust.
The Grey Ghost
Mercy, his chauffer and right hand woman. Indeed, many a criminal rather than face the Grey Ghost, have begged for "Mercy".
O'Malley. Irish street tough, left for dead by the O'Reilly mob, now ally to the Ghost.
Flannigan, Moretti and Schmidt. Each bring their own special talents to the war on Evil.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pulp Alley Leagues: the Red Raptor

The first of many Leagues that will battle during my RECRUITs Pulp Alley game the first weekend in April.
Meet: The Red Raptor and his Sky Hunters
The Red Raptor himself is a mystery. A phantom ace who rids the sky of pirates and villains. Few know his motives. His prowess in the air is only matched by skills on the ground. The Raptor is a crack shot, and a deadly brawler.
Ace, the Red Raptor's closest companion. Ace has saved the Raptor many times. His canine hearing has warned the Raptor of incoming sonic rockets long before impact, while his uncanny intelligence has spoiled many villain's ambush.
Roxy. The only pilot a alive a match for the Raptor. Good things she's on our side!
Pappy. The Red Raptor's mechanic and long time friend. But even he doesn't know the Raptor's true secrets....
Curtis. Deadeye member of the Sky Hunters.
Tex. Boisterous and loud, a counterpoint to the Raptor's quiet demeanor.
Finally, Mags. Young, but already a great pilot. Her secret love for our Hero can only end tragically.

More to come!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Orders to Eagles

The Basement was jam packed last night, despite the icy roads. Nine people showed as Nick put on his 10mm Napoleonics and it looked great. Two photos survived the cat knocking the camera off the bar to the floor. Hoping Nick can send more. His rules will soon be commercially available. Anyway, here's the valiant Prussians fending off the French hordes.

I had themed beers, Kronenbourg for the French:
 and Stiegel for what I thought was to be Austrians, and later turned out to be Prussians.
So there, Lead Addict, bad intel on both our parts.
Either way, most of generals were thoroughly lubricated. Nice way to spend a cold evening.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hail Caesar Fantasy

We finally had a chance to get Lead Addict's lovely 15mm Demonworld troops on the table. Newly based and flocked, ready for battle. Using Hail Caesar, with the lists from the Hail Sauron Yahoo Group (which are too Warhammer-centric for me, but can fix), fight between Orcs and Elves began.
There were 3 players a side. The Elves went for bigger divisions with fewer commanders. This would make it tough to "Break" a division, but the tactical abilities would be limited.
We orcs went with smaller divisions but 5 commands. This would help later in the battle.
Trolls make sure the troops in front stay in the fight

Giants, too.
The Elves won initiative, but being the fey gentlemen they are, elected to let us brutes go first. There was spirited advance all along the front (good die rolling, no failures).
Then the elves moved. They got all but their flying elements moving.
The forces prepare to clash

The elven right flank

The gods decide the elves fate
By turn 3 we were getting close. A boulder from my rock lobbing troll, sent an elf spear unit scurrying away. Meanwhile on the orc left flank, wolf riders and flying horses and centaurs were mixing it up. A certain hill exchanged hands many times.
When it was time to come to grips, a group cowardly elves decided to use the woods as shelter, and  pick at the brave orcs from afar. A bloodthirsty charge drove them deeper into the woods and ran a few off. But this left that division close to breaking.
In the center, a group of minotaurs was run off without a fight, a the flanks were turning into a meat grinder. Having started late (stupid kids and their sports), we didn't get much farther. It looked like the elves might get the upper hand, but you know how things go in war, they could have just as easily lost. Time for re-match.
Moments before the treants destroy my spearmen
As far as I'm concerned, we've found our much longed for fantasy mass battle rules. HC is scalable, so we' just halved all the distances. Worked great. Next time, we throw in magic and get reference cards for the troops. I'd also like some proper hi markers. The figs are so nice, I don't like mucking up the table with dice.
A good evening, and K-State and Mizzou both won!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pie Day

Get it? 3-14. Doesn't make as much sense to the rest of the world that does dates day-month. But here, it's month day.
One of my most favoritist things. Have a pie today.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Campaign for the KIngdom

Once again the battle lines were drawn. Edwin, Baron of Fennwyck, carried the banner as lead claimant to the throne of the Kingdom. With him were the untested Archibald, Duke of Westgate and Roderick the Younger.
Across the battlefield stood Ulric, Duke of Kragg. The sturdy northlander brought with him Lionel, Baron of Stonekeep, and the crafty Horace, Duke of Dunharrow. Both sides brought their men, their loyal retainers and those unfortunate few scooped up from brothels and bars, forced to march to their probable doom.
Ulric moved first. His whole battle line charged. The orders had been for steady advance, but seeing their leader charged forth, the men put the spurs to use. This, of course, broke up their pretty battle lines, with the more fleet of foot outdistancing the slower foot knights and pikes.
Edwin had more luck keeping his men in line. While the other side spent precious time redressing their ranks, Edwin trudged forward.
Lionel leads the way

Edwin slogs forward
Both sides had to retract their lines to avoid rough terrain on both flanks. Archibald made the poor choice of splitting his force to hug opposite sides of the river. His exposed men became fodder for Horace's archers.

The lines prepare to meet

Trouble at the river
When the forces met in a great clamor, there was great slaughter. Ulric's men fought like the Lion in their standard. The drove back or killed most of Edwin's men. It looked like a quick battle.
But Lady fate would have it different. Men were dying on the flanks. Lionel and Roderick traded losses while Archibald finally regrouped and struck down some of Horace's men.
Just when things seemed in the balance, Edwin's men decided they had fought long enough. In the route Edwin was captured. Ulric had the claimant's head struck from his body. Now Ulric rode for the capital and coronation.
But not all was right in his ranks. Horace felt slighted for Ulric's clemency towards Archibald. Horace's men had died at Archibald's hands. Ulric would not claim the throne easily.....
As usual, the rules were Flower of Chivalry. The figs were Old Glory (much maligned company, but WoR was one of their better lines).