Sunday, May 5, 2024

May the Fourth Celebration.

 We finally had a a May the Fourth fall on a Saturday. Time to celebrate the unofficial Star Wars Day with a day of games hosted by the Hutts!

We started with a speeder bike race around Mos Eisley. I used miniatures I printed from various places and we used an oldie but goody for the rules Axles and Alloys. Quick to learn. Lots of lead changes, alternative racing methods (cheating) and smack talk. In the end, my son Marshal was firstacross the line in a ball of fire when he hit a wandering droid who decided walking in front of the finish line was a great idea. Second place went to Phil who crossed the finish in style, by skidding across the end Speed Racer style.

"Fans" provide some fun with potshots from the stands.

Citizens grab precious items and get out of the way.

Off to a chaotic start. Lots of trading paint.

Trying a shortcut through the arena.

The home stretch!


Next were the Gamorrean Gladiator Games. We used our newest rules set Arena of Blood. I had placed 8 cards face down representing 8 possibile "historical" gladiator types. Players grabbed theme randomly and a mini of their choice. The results were quick and bloody with the Boy winning again. Promise there was no nepotism involved!

The Gladiators

With his winning firmly in his tiny little hands, Jabba headed towards his waiting shuttle across town. Little did he know he'd have to face 6 angry groups looking to recoup their losses.

I ran Jabba. The game would end when Jabba got to his shuttle or one the gangs grabbed the loot and made it their start line. Simple huh?

Pictured about a quarter of my Star Wars buildings and a contemplative Chris.

"This should be easy, boys".

"Get our money back!"

A sniper duel begins between Auura Sing and Finnic Shand.

A pause from some refreshing Blue Milk.

Of course Jabba was quickly ambushed but able to call in not only backup, but a waiting ride to speed him to the shuttle. His ride was immediately compromised and stolen with Jabba and the money in it. A blood bath ensued when Captain Gorr and his Ugnaught Crag swiped the money and made a break for it. There were two more turns blasting the hover skiff and trying to gun them down, but Steve led his team to victory and Jabba hostage.

Great day of 3 fun games. Thanks to everyone who came out, and May the Force Be with You...