Friday, March 29, 2019

Barbarian's Pass: Dragon Rampant

Nice little 5 player Dragon Rampant game. The unwashed masses of the Northern territories had to hold the line against a Goblinoid/Chaos horde. They did, and then some. The chaos thugs and their greenskin allies were sent packing.

 Lug. He took out a unit of cavalry single handed, but was killed when he stopped to feast on said horse flesh.
 Garn Gorespear. Terror made flesh. Only managed to run off some archers before falling to some heavy infantry.

 Inner Redhand. Champion of the battle.
Last charge of the centaurs. They routed these guys, but were, like so many others, wiped out soon after in a counter attack.

Great game. Thanks to the folks who braved the weather, and shunned the home opener.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Gentlemutants start your engines....

Another rousing game of Axles and Alloys filled death and destruction.

 First through the gate. First to die.

Only one car finished of 10.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror- The Black Heart of Darkness

Hello, my Dearies. Grandpa Gruesome here with another Tale of Horror.
It seems that nasty vampire Baron Blackheart is up to his old tricks, feeding on the locals, stealing young girls to make into his brides and generally terrorizing the countryside.
You know, having fun.
But the regional powers are trying to enter the 20th century and they just can't this sort of thing going on. Enter the do gooders. They're trying to destroy Baron Blackheart's tombs, leaving him with nowhere to go come sun up.

 The Baron, his brideLucretia, his loyal cossack guards and some locals...
 Simon Strange, Occult Investigator
 Dutch Oven and his crew of the dirigible Indestructible II
Tut-tut, danger magnet.
 The Cult of Cyclopss. The Baron's unwitting Stooges

Victor Von Zombie and his latest creation.
 The evening began with a nice "Welcome to the neighborhood" from Von Zombie when he blasted his arch nemesis Dutch Oven with submachine gun fire. The poor old Colonel went down. Dutch's crew responded by chucking a stick of dynamite. This seemed to anger the Monster, who promptly bashed the blighter's head in.

 "Our Heroes" bravely hiding.
 Did I mention, every time a Joker is played, a horde of zombies appears? These would attack the closest living target. Lucky for the Baron, he doesn't suffer from that affliction...
 The Cult of Cyclops did a number on the heroes moving down this flank. At one point Angus McTubby had 5 Shock markers on him. All it took was Ilsa delivering a coup d' grace.
Manzo Hanzo and Lucretia have a staring contest. The famed magician got the worst of it. A meal for the Baron's bride.
 "Oh hi, lady. Why are you looking at me so hungrily?"
 "She tried to BITE me!"
Speaking of bites, once again, Dutch's faithful bulldog Winston was a holy terror. He took out 3 badges before running into the professor. They would fight an epic duel for 3 turns....

 The Baron appears...Many succumbed to his mesmerizing gaze. Powerless, they were easy targets for the zombies.

Brass knuckles make waking someone from the Baron's stupor easy work.
Minutes before dawn, the Powers of Good were forced from the village. The Baron safe to slumber through the hated day, guarded by serving lackeys. Unfortunately, his beloved Lucretia was staked and destroyed. Time to look again for a new bride tomorrow night...

Another great game. The good guys put up a good fight. Taking down the undead is tough work. They realized too late that a good tactic is to wear down the vampires with lead (shooting can only result in shock) and then move in for the kill with a stake.

Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror and the Fistful of Lead Core books will be available both in printed and pdf forms the weekend of April 6th from the Wiley Games website. Those lucky enough to be at Salute can pick theirs up in person!

Friday, March 8, 2019

FfoL: Viva Revolucion! The Tenacious Ten

Last night's battle saw some American Mercenados protecting a village from the "Revolutionaries". What the Yanks didn't know was the gold they were being paid was stolen from said Revolutionaries, and El Jeffe wants it back!
The Tenacious Ten led by Col. Pyke.

El Jefe's men. Don't worry, there's more...
 Casey, with Junior (the Lewis gun) in the church tower.
 The Mercenaries lay in wait. They were at a slight disadvantage in numbers and range. Most were pistol armed.
 Here comes the Revolution!

 One Mexican made a hell of a long range shot, on horseback into cover. One shot. One kill.
And another.
 Lucky for the Americans, every time they killed an enemy, it emboldened the locals to join they fray. 
By the end, the Mercenaries were out shot and out maneuvered. The Lewis gun played some havoc, and the peasants proved some distraction to the attackers, but in the end The Boss got his gold.
Good fun to dust off the old rules and an excuse to crack open some tequila (like I needed a reason).