Thursday, September 28, 2017

September Mostly Monthly 99¢ scenario now available

This time, it's for Horse & Musket. It's a fun little scenario I ran at Maneuver-Con last month.

 "A small group of German mercenaries have been left to guard a wagon load of black powder on its way to a British depot. The Hessians have stopped for the night, waiting to link up with reinforcements in the morning. Little do theyknow Continental forces are moving in on the tired Hessians."
Available at Wargames Vault and Wiley Games.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Gaming somewhere between Wargames and Boardgames

More and more games seem to be blurring the lines between tabletop war-games and traditional boardgames. A couple of case in points were the games we played Game Night and over the weekend.
I picked up Massive Darkness as a Kickstarter. One of those it took so long to fulfill I almost forgot about it. But it was well worth it! To start, the miniatures. like most CMON games, are fantastic. I got soooooooo many. The game itself is fantastic. Three turns in and most of my gaming club were on their phones preordering for the non-Kickstarter.

As a dungeon crawler, they pack a lot into a simple system. I imagine a a lot of replay, completing all the quests with different characters. You can play solo, too.
I played again this weekend with the Boy. We lost twice but had a lot of fun.

We then tried a little GW gladiator game that snuck in under the radar: GORECHOSEN. I'm not much for the goofy background, but the core mechanics are smooth, and nice. I picked them up purely to steal the mechanics for my project, the Great Goblin Games. I'll be replacing the skull encrusted, blood spattered Khorne champions for some goblin gladiators.

Friday, September 8, 2017

GASLIGHT: Mana from Heaven

It's been over a month since we gamed at my house. That drew everyone out of their dark holes. With 8 players, I decided to return to an old favorite: GASLIGHT.
A meteorite chuck-full of X-Matter broke up and fell to Earth over a small Belgian town. The Great Powers sent expeditionary forces to claim the rocks. That much of the mysterious substance would power a a whole fleet of airships!

Amazingly, all but one contraption rumbled to life on the first turn, even notoriously fickle beasts like the Killenkanner and the L'Roue.
Both sides quickly grabbed pieces of X-Matter closest to their baselines. The Unicycle Uhlans, seeing an opening, dashed out the last piece near the bridge. Unfortunately for them, X-Matter's properties are not follow understood. It had quickly mutated an otherwise harmless river eel into a giant monster!
One Uhlan was devoured immediately.

Two groups of Germans were caught in the open and shredded, but the Anglo-French force lost a a walker to the accurate fire of the Lady Hussar's Electro Cannon.
Meanwhile, more struggles for the Hun. The Killenkanner crashed while trying to cross a rickety bridge while the Wespe fell from the sky, failing it's "Sustain" with a roll of 20.
But, the Unicyclers rallied and valiantly charged the Beast. It fell under the repeated thrusts of their lances, but not before taking a few cyclist with it.
As the night drew late and the Chiefs game suddenly more interesting, we called it a draw and opened a bottle of spirits.