Friday, February 22, 2019

Galactic Heroes

Finally got a chance to play something after a month off. We had a five player game of Galactic Heroes. The 2 defenders got to set up first and trying to prevent the 3 attackers from reaching the airfield with their robot containing important intel.
A tower dominated the choke point on the table. It quickly became the focus of most of the attackers fire.
The tower had to be re-manned a few times, finally by the attackers.

 Note to self: Don't stand in the open on a hill.
The defenders had to keep falling back. The attackers got over confident and got the robot too close to enemy fire. It went down sparks flying.
Not to worry, a quick repair task (5+) would fix it.
Except the technician rolled a "1", wiping the memory and disabling the bot.
All that was left was escaping. The outnumbered bravely held out as long as they could, but were finally overwhelmed.
Great game. Lots of "Fistful of Lead" moments.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Salute, about a month out...

To my Fistful of Lead friends who'll be at Salute this year, we're a little over a month out. I'll be helping run games of the new Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror all day across from the Oshiro Model Terrain table.
James will have copies of all the Wiley Games books and cards, including the new Core and Tales of Horror books. Stop by and say "hi". Oh, and buy a bunch of stuff.
Snap shot of what to expect, courtesy of Oshiro.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Big News! Fistful of Lead, and Tales of Horror

I've been quietly toiling away for months on the latest iterations of the Fistful of Lead family: Fistful of Lead Core Rulebook, and the supplement Tales of Horror.
Fans of FfoL have been using the rules for all sorts of different periods and genres. A casual look at this very blog will show you just what I've done. The plan is to use the Core book as a starter, and then release supplements concentrating on different periods in more detail. This way, you aren't buying a new rule book every quarter that's mostly the same basic rules with added fluff. We can concentrate on the supplements really using what you already know, but adding or subtracting things to feel right for the genre. And keep the cost to you down.
In addition, each new supplement will have its own custom card deck to get you in the right mood.

The FfoL Core book is just that, everything we've done so far, boiled down into a basic rule set that works for all your favorite periods and genres. Most of what's in it was covered in Galactic Heroes. We clarified a few things and give you a few starter team ideas.
Tales of Horror is the first supplement. You can build a Coven of Vampires, a pack of Werewolves, a Necromancer and his undead horde, an evil Cult or be the heroic Hunters that fight them. each faction has its own special rules and quirks that make them unique. Like Galactic Heroes, it's a toolbox for how you want to use them. You can use ToH for old school Victorian Gothic Horror, or a more modern tale. It's all up to you.
As with all our titles, we've kept it simple to learn, but not a simple game.
Both titles will officially launch at Salute in London April 6th. We're partnering with Oshiro Model Terrain, who's built beautiful table of the Victorian era London docks to play on. More on that later.
When I return to the good ol' US of A the following week, they'll be available through our webstore.
Stay tuned...