Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Holiday Vacation Fantasy Battle

I had great fun this morning playing remotely with some friends from the UK. Old School lead with new terrain: Orcs, Chaos, Vikings and Adventurers, each vying to grab a secret weapon. The Forces of Darkness prevailed.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Dash Dixon and the Secret Cargo

Dash Dixon and the Rocket Rangers have once again been called to action to save the Planet Covid Prime from the iron grip of Emperor Xorg-Khan and his corrupt Governor.

Dash and his pals land, ready to nab the Governor and take him to Justice!
The amphibian Retrovarians have come to take a precious cargo back to their waiting ship.
Xorg-Khan's elite Azullian Shocktroopers stand guard over the planetary Governor.
The Robot Legion has also arrived, looking for the rogue Techno Mage Mechanus.
The Imperial Navy would like the Techno Mage back also
Corvus Andromeda, feared Space Pirate Captain, is looking for his stolen cargo.
The game starts. The Retrovarians seize a transport from the spaceport to carry their cargo. The old clunker has some trouble getting started, but soon the aliens are plowing down the streets towards their ship.
The Azullians stand between Dash and the Governor. A few blasts from his gun and Stella's sonic boomerang, and there are a few less shocktroopers...
Catian Zultor of the Imperial Navy, searches for the Techno Mage, but runs into Dash instead. Dash lets his Powersword do the talking. Zultor is now minus one head.
The Robots track down their Mage, but have to run a gauntlet of fire to get there.
The Pirates, soon find themselves without a Captain. No one seems to like Corvus much, and he is quickly out of the game.

The pirates manage to set up a  road block, but the truck itself breaks down and spills the cargo onto the street. The cargo box open, What emerges terrifies all but the Retrovarians.

The Pirates are finished off along with the Azullians guarding the Governor.
Dsepite a shot that should have been a killing blow (Dash has 9 Lives), Dash and remaining crew make off with the Governor,
The Retrovarians are once again with their Alien god.
The Empire has back its rogue Techno Mage. Who knows what the next game will bring!?

We used Jokers to activate various Events in the game, like the cargo falling off, freak dust storms, etc. 

All the players had objectives. These were all interwoven to give the maximum chaos. Speaking of players, I had the great pleasure of hosting this game remotely with the crew from Rocky's War Room in a sort of crossover affair. I'll post the video AAR here shortly.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Fistful of Lead: Fantasy

 Last night we had another remote playtest of the upcoming Fistful of Lead Fantasy rules. With the combat and retinue build mechanics worked out, it's time for the Magic rules.For this game a brave Mage walking the Path of the Elements faced off against a vile Necromancer and his Undead minions. 

When the local woodsman went missing, the local sheriff went to investigate. He too disappeared. The Duke himself asked Voltos, a mage of some power, to find out what was going on.

Voltos and a few of his adventuring friends.

Muldar Gravestone

Voltos quickly realizes what's been causing the disappearances, but it's a good idea to investigate the village for survivors.

The Undead attack. Trying to smash down the door of the woodsman's cabin.

A shot from Klaus Kettelbottom unhorses the undead rider.
Sir Porco introduces the Undead to his warhammer.
The cabin door is smashed and the woodsman, his wife and child are captured. Who knows what terrible fate awaits them!
Voltos is wounded by a fould magicks from Gravestone. He retreats to rest.
A fireball rips through the undead (unfortunately one of the Duke's men too).
Most of the undead are crushed, but the captives are being lead off.
Voltos casts Wall of Flames and blocks the line of retreat. The adventurers sweep in and dispatch the skeletons and freeing the captives. Huzzah!

Gravestone, his forces depleted, slinks off into the woods. No doubt plotting his revenge!