Monday, July 17, 2023

Battles and Brews 2023

 Great weekend of fun at Battles and Brews. What's Battles and Brews you say?

Well,it's a fundraiser for our local convention March to Victory. We have a space beneath our local craft brewery and play wargames all weekend.All the proceeeds go directly to rent a venue for M2V.

On with the game pics:

First up, 15mm Bigger Battles set in a Grim, Dark Future.


Some Battlestar Galactica using Starfighters!

Mech battles with Battlesuit Alpha

Lion Rampant Dark Age Scot vs Vikings


Red Alert
Thanksto all my Game Masters who put on games and the people who came out to play.Beer and playing with tou soldiers. What could be better?

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

May the Fourth Extravaganza!


Saturday we had a 3 game StarWars May the Fourth celebration. 

The festivities began with a jetbike race around Covid Prime. Dirty tricks were played, short cuts taken and general mayhem.

 Next was an arena fight beneath Jabba's palace. This game featured moving walls and items the participants could pick up to help the, But some were "It's a Trap!".

Finally, there was Jedi vs Sith battle in the jungle complete with terrible critters to spring out and attack. The Sith were knocked out in one of the fastest 6 player Galactic Heroes battles ever.

 Points were given for each victory with the winner earning the Darthy award.


This was a fundraiser for our convention March to Victory. We sold raffle tickets giving away prizes and each raffle player earned our coveted Character Cards.

Vidoes of the games can be found on our YouTube channel.

Friday, April 28, 2023


 Apologies for letting the blog slide. Surgery, a convetion and starting a new job kinda took over posting. I've been playing, just not posting. Most of my work goes up on the Wiley Games Facebook page or Discord channel.


Last night we dusted off an old favorite. Superheroes! 

Eggstreminator stalks the shadows look for prey....
One-Eyed Jack takes to the skies to get in position for an aerial assault.
A.J.A.X. responds and gets blasted for it.
She Wolf goes toe to toe with Hero Sanwich!
Hero Sandwich gets assistance from Black Gold who traps She Wolf in an oil slick.

The Flea and Awesome spot Eggsterminator hiding in an alley and attack.

But, a Kat-jui attack on Super City forced an end to the game. The Baddies had beat up more heroes than they did in return. Villain victory!