Monday, December 4, 2023

Wiley Wargame Weekend 2023


Last weekend we had the great pleasure of hosting Wiley Wargame Weekend. We normally host this in October for my birthday, but this year we did that for our Weird War Stories event.

This year's premiere game was Last Action Heroes. 32 of Hollywood's actions heroes sucked out of their movies to fight in a winner take all deathmatch ala Secret Wars.Eight players had to pick their teams from just looking at their VHS boxes just like the old days of video stores. I did the terrain sets while Steve did miniatures and the fantastic cards.

The goal was to take out all the other teams, earning an oscar each time. They got bonuses if the camera crew was there. The rules were, of course, Fistful of Lead.

Each time they left a "set" they were randomly transported to another set. Keeping teams together would not be an option.

 We hadn't playtested the scenario so we crossed our fingers. It turned out to be one of the funnest games we ever put on. Full video HERE:

We had other games going on too. A modern micro tanks battles set up for a fictional Soviet thrust into Germany.

 And a cross Channel raid by Germans onto British soil.



Great time, and we got to have some new faces. Next up, March to Victory!

Monday, October 16, 2023

Grandpa Gruesome's Weird War Stories

 We had a great time this past weekend hosting a wargaming day full of spooky games.

I ran the Annual Revenant Hunt. Famous Hunters of the Undead from all over Europe gathered to destroy the latest outbreak of foul creatures that spill forth every Halloween. They were able to destroy 3 of the 6 spawn points before the sun approached and the gates to the Underworld closed once again. Sir Reginald Ramsey took home the trophy this year.

Next, another group of Adventurers visited Terror Island in hopes stealing a strange mutagen from the claws of the mighty Turu the Terrible. The flying dino proved to be a wily opponent. 

After a fine chili dinner, the wargamers gathered for a little backstabbing fun at the massive fantasy trick or treat game. Players had to visit as many locations as possible and receive treasure before returning home.

 While that was going on, there was another game that saw the Rebel forces call upon some dark magics to take on Union forces west of the Mississippi.

Great Saturday of fun. Thanksto everyone who came out.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Battles and Brews 2023

 Great weekend of fun at Battles and Brews. What's Battles and Brews you say?

Well,it's a fundraiser for our local convention March to Victory. We have a space beneath our local craft brewery and play wargames all weekend.All the proceeeds go directly to rent a venue for M2V.

On with the game pics:

First up, 15mm Bigger Battles set in a Grim, Dark Future.


Some Battlestar Galactica using Starfighters!

Mech battles with Battlesuit Alpha

Lion Rampant Dark Age Scot vs Vikings


Red Alert
Thanksto all my Game Masters who put on games and the people who came out to play.Beer and playing with tou soldiers. What could be better?