Monday, June 1, 2009

Unkerlant Travel Log: Koenigstadt

The glorious capital of Unkerlant, home to the king, the most beautiful town in all the land, Keonigstadt is a seething cesspit of court intrigue, backstabbing and betrayal. Though loved by most of his people, Karl Franz III spent most of his reign locked up in the palace protected by his elite bodyguard. Several assassination attempts by Borogravia kept the king a prisoner in his own castle. The Koeingstadt Civic Militia that kept him safe, are some of the most elite soldiers in Unkerlant. The Militia have become a political force to feared also. How they vote often determines who the next king will be. Commanding them is General Rolf Von Stern, a harsh disciplinarian who has managed to whip the Civic Militia into the fierce regiment they have become.
The city itself is deserving of the praise it gets as a beautiful town. Whereas most burgs in Unkerlant are dark gloomy places, Koenigstadt is bright and airy. Underneath it all, though, is a layer of dark intrigue. Spies and saboteurs lurk around every corner, waiting to take advantage of Unkerlant’s current troubles.


Bluebear Jeff said...


I was unfamiliar with your blog before I got the emails from Capt. Walker today.

I've been reading your various "Travel Logs" and enjoying them. Very nice background for your coming war.

-- Jeff

BaronVonJ said...

Hope to be able to see Unkerlant on EvE soon!