Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Salute! Bound...

Yours Truly, Zee Baron, is leaving the comfort of his palatial estate to travel across the Pond to Salute in London.
I'll be running the "Horror in Limehouse" Fistful of Lead game using our new Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror supplement. Stop by and play, or just say "Hello". We're at table GA-06.
The game table looks amazing!!!
We'll be selling both Tales of Horror and the new Fistful of Lead Core Rules (which you'll need to play ToH) at the Oshiro Model Terrain booth located at TB-04.
Also at the trade booth are the new Highgate Miniatures, perfect for Gothic Horror.
Both rulesets will be available from Wiley Games webstore the same weekend.

Now, where has my manservant put my smoking jacket? Fritz!


Slorm said...

I have bought both of them! The Tale of Horrors book is great since it convers a wide variety of bands: Vampires, Hunters, Cultists, Werewolves and Necromancers... and a wide variety of independant creatures.

At the begining I thought that the Core rulebook was not so useful, but it is plenty of good ideas, even samples and rules for medieval skirmishes...

Ooh man great products! Loving to see more

Dyscordya said...

Como los has comprado si dice que aun no están a la venta?

Slorm said...

In his webshop: https://wiley-games.myshopify.com/collections/all?sort_by=created-descending