Thursday, February 24, 2011

Super Wednesday!

Emperor Ape, in a another bid for world domination, attacked the labs of Veridian Dynamics, in the center of the city. With him, he brought other members of the Crime Syndicate, the monstrous Behemoth, deadly assassin Killshot, the mind scrambler Eggsterminator, the mighty MANtis, and his simian super weapon ChimPANZER.
The Emperor and his ChimPANZER
Emperor Ape was trying to steal the final component he needed for his dreaded Monkeyfier, a ray that would turn the world's population into simians under his control.
Only the Gallant Guardians could stop him. Arriving on the scene were the mammoth Doc Titan, aging government weapon, A.J.A.X., the tiny Mexican wrestler turn hero Flea, galactic heroine Galaxina, Cyclops and that tasty perveyor of Justice, Hero Sandwich.
Things started off badly for our heroes when A.J.A.X was brought down almost immediately by a mind scramble from Eggsterminator. MANtis managed to break into the labs while his evil cohorts kept the heroes at bay.
Cyclops managed to blast Behemoth right through a wall of the local comic shop with one of his gazer-laser. But, Behemoth answered by hurling a taxi at the one-eyed hero and taking him out of the fight.
Cyclops moments before impact with a taxi
Meanwhile, Flea bounced up the building for a roofstop scrap with Killshot and Eggsterminator, The miniscule mite held his own for a awhile.
Down in the lobby of the building Doc Titan battled Emperor Ape. Titan got the upper hand, but soon, the missing piece was discovered and the Emperor and his larcenous crew escaped. How soon before we're all turned to monkeys?
Hero Sandwich struggles with MANtis


Bluebear Jeff said...

Sounds like we're in trouble already . . . I think he's turned it on a bunch of politicians already.

-- Jeff

inrepose said...

Looks like some amazing fun to be had in this alternative world :)

Essjam said...

This was a fun one last night. Lot's of laughter and horrible puns. Poor Cyclops did really well until the taxi came out of nowhere. The damage was so horrible that he was knocked all the way through the building and off the table! Squish...

Great game Baron. Supers is fast, fun and decisive.

PS: the pictures of Hero-Sandwich do not do it justice. It is a wonderful figure modification with the green-stuff.

J Womack, Esq. said...

But tell me what's really important: is Ted okay? And did they bother... the thing?

BaronVonJ said...

Ted was fine. Veronica struck up a relationship with MANtis, being the kindred evil spirits they are. Phil and Lem are, of course, responsible for said Monkifier part.

J Womack, Esq. said...

If only Phil and Lem could keep VD from turning their inventions to evil...

That was a great show. naturally, it got cancelled.