Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Secret Six

Made up of Her Majesty's finest.
Left to right: Lt. Barnibus Smythe, late of the Queen's Horse. Armed with Electro-Galvanic Pepperbox.
Professor Bunson Honeydue, famed inventor, wearing his steam pwered walk-abouts.
Lord Greystoke, recently returned from the Dark Continent.
Lady Coddingham, inventor of advanced optix to study the Fae world, and a crack shot.
The man known only to HQ as Carruthers.
And finally,Carruthers' stalwart companion, Sgt Angus McKay, on loan from Her Majesty's Highlanders.

Perfect for Heroes in GASLIGHT or the beginnings of an Adventuring gang for IHMN. Pulp Alley would work, too.
Figures from Brigade Games growing Steampunk line. Next, some dirty Krauts.

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Lady Coddingham is an excellent pick.