Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Basement-Con Friday Night (Fistful of Lead)

For the opening night of Basement-Con we dug out an old time favorite, Fistful of Lead.
The dirty streets of Lesterville once again ran red with blood. The scenario this time? Gold in the bank, a rich Railroad Man to nab and hold for ransom, and the hand of Camel Face Annie, lady of the evening.
The town of Lesterville

The citizens, unaware of what's to come.

Deputy Dan goes down to El Guappo's guns

Marshal Bill dies early

Blood Alley. There's always a Blood Alley

Fistful of Lead. Always fun, simple and bloody. My daughter, running the League of Gentlemen Gunfighters tied in Victory Points with son, running Yellow Knife's Indians. 8 players with 5 miniatures each, played to conclusion in under 3 hours. Not too many rules can pull that off.

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