Friday, October 23, 2015

Dark Age Lion Rampant: all that rebasing pays off

With their dull coat still drying, my 300+ Vikings and Normans made the precarious journey 40 minutes south to christen one of our Basement Generals new game rooms.
It was an honor and a privilege to be the first to bloody Nick's new game room.
The Viking horde was quickly bearing down on a small Norman village. The local lord was tasked with trying to save all the livestock, treasure and important personages before they fell into the pagan's hands.
Vikings got the first move and everyone was able to move the close to 200 miniatures forward.
The Normans, failed miserably to motivate their troops.

By the end, the Normans were able to finally get moving. Several leader challenges later, only one Viking commander was alive. On my flank, my leader and his Norman counterpart fought 3 times before he finally won.
It ended up being a Norman victory, but I didn't care. Everything looked great, the beer flowed freely and new war room got broken in.


Preacher by day said...

Great looking game! Some serious manpower there.

Gr33nw00d11 said...

Looks great, good work.

Rodger said...

That is a fantastic looking game!

Foss1066 said...

What a great Saga to be told at the bar! Grat's on Nick's new game room to boot.


Mallius Vane said...