Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Playtests

The kids are off for Spring Break, so I decided to take a day off, too. Being Tyr's Day, the Norse god of war, it was only fitting we played a dark age battle between Norse forces.
I bought Lion Rampant when it first came out, but never had a chance to play. Most of our gaming involves 6-8 people, so know chance for one on one games.
Yes, Lion Rampant can support bigger games, but I don't want to invest in all the minis for that.
We played a 24 point game with equal forces.
Bill, our newly minted retiree, came over and brought his Hiberno-Norse.
It was a huge amount of fun. Lots of subtlety for for such a simple game. We didn't have to look in the book much.
I will definitely be playing again, and I'm thinking of a Dark Age campaign already.

We were done in about hour and a half. Time for some more fun. I dug out a little experiment I've been brewing for a long time: Leonardo Tech. It's GASLIGHT rules played with Renaissance era troops and a flair for "What if Leonardo Divinci's projects actually hit the battlefield?"


Unknown said...

A lot of fun. I am definitely a fan of Lion Rampant. I also liked the Leonardo Tech game.

Weasel said...

Always love to see vikings on the table.

Here's hoping some heavy metal was listened to :)

BaronVonJ said...

Coming from good Norse stock, I found it only appropriate

Phil said...

Splendid minis!