Friday, April 24, 2015

Five Core: Battle for Meridian Prime Pt IV

The Confed attacks were at a standstill. They needed a break. That break came in the form of captured Union data housed in a service robot. Now the Rebels had to grab the bot and get it out of Union held territory.
The scenario involved 3 Rebel players starting in one corner and the 3 Union players split between two other corners to try and cut them off. The players only knew the robot was in the center of town.
Several great rolls early on by the Union commander gave them back to back "Scurry" rolls, allowing them to get to town first.

Then, once they found the droid, it became an on going battle to get the bot off the board. They would lose a lot of men trying this.
Meanwhile, the mesa north of town was covered in blood. Two squad fought for control of the high ground. It would prove a brutal little fight.
In the end, the Rebs just lost too many men. The important plans would stay in Union hands.
 This IS the droid you're looking for..

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Jon F said...

I like this ruleset a lot. It's pretty simple (even for me and especially when I'm busy checking the scores on my phone). Good times and kudos to Matthews who refused to let me flank the oppressive Union lapdogs.