Friday, April 17, 2015

Lion Rampant (or is it Raven?)

Had another great game of Lion Rampant using my battle hardened Dark Age troops. While not specifically designed for Dark Ages, the rules handle about any small scale, pre gunpowder period. Although there those on the LR forum doing just that!
We had 4 new players trying it. They picked up the rules within a couple turns. It was quick, it was bloody, and a lot of fun.
Guy de Fountanbleu got word that yet another Viking raiding party had washed ashore and was pillaging their way across his lands, led by none other than Hrothgar the Red Handed and Scotti the Hairless.
Guy called up his servants and retainers led by Sir Gregory the Cautious and rode to met the invaders.
By the time Guy got his men on the field, Hrothgar had most of his men near the helpless village. He immediately lost several men from his household guard from arrows launched from Viking bidowers in the trees. But luckily, Gregory had men in the village formed up in shieldwall. They sent two Viking bands to Valhalla.

Hrothgar and Guy called each other out for a challenge, but the fight inconclusive. Guy refused to dismount and "fight like a man".
But, for as many Vikings as Gregory killed, Guy was losing too.
As night fell (you play this scenario until 5 bands are left on the table), it appeared to be a draw.
A great game. As many miniatures I own for the period, I see much painting in my future.

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Ogilvie VC said...

Lion Rampant certainly seem to fit the bill for quick and brutal games which makes them ideal for a dining table game over a few beers.