Friday, March 28, 2014

VSF Thursday

The plan: Get Lady Cottingham and her top secret plans through enemy lines.
Enemy held village

The Luftmarines move so fast they're blurry!

French Marines advance under cover of the Spyder

Sniper in the house!

The Spyder, moments before the Luftmarines attack it and bring it down.

French invade the town

Marines and Lady Hussars duke it out

Lady Cottingham saunters down the street unharmed

The Petit Syper holds the bridge
Another fun GASLIGHT game. Highlights include the Luftmarines diverting the Spyder of her legs, then having come crashing down on top of them. The Killenkanner's, inability to get started, then it's failed hand-to-hand battle with Lady Cottingham! 

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Simon Quinton said...

Great looking game and miniatures. Sounds like it was a fun game full of action and daring do.