Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gruntz:Modern Africa

Missed posting last Friday. Most of my post Thursday night game posts were done Friday mornings at work. Insert sad face. Now that I'm up and running at home, here we go.
Our own Propaganda Architect has been converting Gruntz to a more modern setting. So far it works great. Our yet-to-be-named nations's struggles have been fun to game.
This scenario involved our Dictator for Life, fearing for the safety of his ill gotten spoils, is moving them to the safety of a neighboring country. Trucks, loaded down with loot must move across the table to the waiting airplane.
His second objective is to hold the radio station for as long as possible. If the people find out he in moving his stuff, they may rise up in rebellion before he escapes.
Thirdly, those boy soldier are bad press internationally. If they could be taken out quietly during the battle (hand to hand), that's a plus.
We decided the trucks were moving slow due to the weight of all those furs, painting, jewels, imported cars and luxuries. That, and if allowed to double move, the game would be over quick.
The dictator had fewer, but better troops. And did we mention an airforce?

Between the jet and the copter, most of the resistance on the left flank was eliminated.
Meanwhile, the foreign mercenaries holding the radio station were slowly being wiped out by the sheer numbers of the resistance.
Two trucks were shot up and forced to stop. One by a crazy technical that braved a minefield to sprint ahead and block the way.
It was fun. Gruntz is easy to grasp. My only beef is the assault rules. Not because of the rules themselves, but the reality of assault (HTH) in modern rules. Just as in real life, you better suppress those defenders if you want to close with them. Timing is everything.
The table looked great with all the extras. Perhaps a post battle beer outside the warehouse.
Tonight's pairing.

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