Monday, March 10, 2014

Fistful of Lead AAR

We only had a couple hours to game Thursday so I knew I had to pull out something that would fit in that timeframe: Fistful of Lead.
The unsuspecting denizens of Lesterville
The dastardly outlaw Krusty Dixon had finally been captured. A detail of US cavalry were to bring him to the county seat in Lesterville and hand him over to the law, where he would board the train prison. Simple enough, except Krusty's gang had other ideas.
The Cavalry had to start at one end of the town and bring Krusty to the Marshal at the jail midway through town. The Marshal's men were allowed to set up anywhere in town but Krusty's men (who had infiltrated earlier) were allowed to see where.
the ambush is sprung!
Krusty's gang were set up on the table. Instead, when they activated, they were allowed to appear anywhere (which cost an action) as long as it was more than 12" away from any lawman.
"Git offa hte sterrt ya dern fools!"
The Marshal's men decided to spread out around town. Mistake! All of Krusty's bots popped up right at the edge of town and ambushed the cavalry.
They only thing the boys in blue had going for them were the poor wounding rolls by the Dixon gang, For awhile, the best they could get was a pin.
Death from above
Eventually, weight of fire finally took it's toll and blue bellies started dropping.
The Marshal's men spent most of the game trying to get in the fight, meanwhile, Krusty got away....
Lots of nail biting moments. Best part is the rules are so easy to pick up (although everyone in the group has been paying them for a decade), I was able to leave for awhile to pick up my daughter from practice without any problems.

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