Monday, January 27, 2014

The Supply run: a GASLIGHT AAR

It's been a while since I dug out the old GASLIGHT troops. This scenario involved an Anglo-French attempt to get much needed supplies to the front. Unbeknownst to them, a small German flanking force had managed to skirt the allied lines an attack the supply lines. The Anglo-French forces had to get the supplies off the board before they were annihilated.
The A-F forces started on the road with all contraption running. The Germans, with a small Russian contingent started on the long board edge, flanking them. They however had to get their machines running.
We use a house rule turn order system that speeds big games like this up greatly and keeps everyone involved. Using a regular card deck, every player gets a number of cards equal to the number of units they control. Everyone chooses a single card and they are simultaneously flipped. That's your turn order, high-to low. Then do it for the next card, etc until everyone has moved every unit. Aces are wild, and a player can choose to wait and see the turn order and move when they want in the order.
Back to the battle. The A-F chugged along the road while the Germans had charged forward. Of course, half the vehicles failed to start.
Into turn 3, the lead started flying. L'Roue, a French contraption with a horrible reputation on our tabletop, sped along the road, only to stop right in the middle of the village, thus blocking everyone behind.
Seeing a chance, the Germans surged forward, only to blasted to pieces by relief force entering from the other side. The small contingent was holding up the Germans until a blast from a Walking Monitor cause a single casualty to a unit of French Marines taking cover in the woods. The chap must have been the regimental mascot, because the whole unit failed morale and ran.
It was a fun, bloody affair, with many laughs. The Anglo-French force got the majority of the supplies through, except for the poor cattle who turned to hamburger by a well placed Russian shell.

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