Monday, September 23, 2013

Where do you game?

This weekend's weather was really nice. Time to open up the windows and get the house cleaned for upcoming Oktoberfest activites. While cleaning the game area I realized how lucky I am to have the space and the guys I game with. I took some shots of the game room with all the natural light streaming in. I built the 6x8 table. I had original thought of building it with storage underneath to keep terrain. But, I have a large storage room right next door so I thought I'd keep the table light.
My space is not locked away in the basement or attic but open to the downstairs living room and bar. Nice places to hang out pre-game and have the game on. On the wall are pictures of some inspiring battles and favorite generals, along a replica of the flag Great-great grandaddy fought under.
When we bought the house, before I could say anything, my wife said, "well here's where your game room can be". Truly a lucky man.
Now, where do YOU game?


Lead Addict said...

i game in that room

Kaptain Kobold said...

Once a week I game in a large, well-lit teaching room at the local university, with plenty of space and tables.

Otherwise it's on a poorly lit dining table at home, which is why I focus on small, portable, games.

MurdocK said...

Inspiring space.

I used to use the garage shed, now that it has been sold I use my dining room table.

When Bluebear Jeff sets up games we also go to his wonderful room with display cabinets for the minis and loads of bookshelves for the rules.

AHunt said...

When I game at home it's in the basement. Not terribly well lit or accommodating, yet.

If I'm playing X-Wing then it's usually on the dining room table. Better for the boys.

If not at home then down at the local shop, which has some nice tables, lots of terrain, friendly staff and not too many annoyances.

Scottswargaming said...

Fortunate to have a purpose built gamesroom, that suits my gentleman gamers, but I still end up playing on the dinning table with No.1 son as he's too young/small to reach over the adult size games table easily... that was something I didnt see coming when I built the gamesroom! You live and learn.

James Brewerton said...

I have not gamed much for several years but will be playing in our spare room soon as my Daughter moves out on Monday
Peace James
Great games room BTW

Essjam said...

Lead Addict beat me to it. I game in that room too.

Ironworker said...

Typically in the game room in my basement. It's finished so it's pretty nice. Sometime in my basement studio space when I need to set up a really big table and sometime in the upstairs family room.

Jon F said...

A great room it is. Thanks for inviting us every week.

Dallas said...

Great looking space!

We game here:


Paul O'G said...

Great Man Cave!