Monday, July 15, 2013

Gruntz: Modern Africa

Thursday we play tested Gruntz for Modern Africa in another attempt to find the just the right balance of playability and time. If you aren't following other Jay's blog, you should. Most of the lovely figs you'll see in the AAR are his.
We've played Gruntz before. It's a near future squad based game. It uses simple mechanics: roll 2d6, add you "shoot" factor trying to meet or beat your target's "Guard" or defense. If you do, roll another 2d6 added to your weapons damage trying to beat your target's "Soak". That easy.
Some thing's we changed were the weapon ranges. We doubled all the ranges. Gruntz has some crazy ranges where you can actually close faster than the gun ranges.
But, on to the game.

Our favorite President-for-Life, Sawasilazi X1 was again having a "secret meeting" with his Secretary, when Rebels attacked. The rebels were to capture the President, blow up the power plant and capture needed ammo from the ammo dump.
Loyal forces were to prevent it.
The rebels had lots of troops but crappy. The loyalist had fewer but elite forces.

The rebels swarmed forward as the Presidential Guard tried to seek out the wayward President. The fight for both the ammo dump and power plant were suitably brutal. The Loyalist's found the boss, but the rebels managed to blow up the President's plane, preventing a quick escape.
Other than tweaking the stats on a few things, (the technicals were too tough) they rules suited us.
Without futuristic armor, troops dropped like flies. It actually seemed more realistic.

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Unknown said...

Looks good, too bad no pic of that smoking wreck of a plane.