Monday, April 11, 2011

Thursday Robofire!

Last Thursday was the opening of the new gaming room. Haven't built the new table, so three 6 x 2 folding tables had to do for now.
I also still have most of my horde in boxes so I needed a game I could throw up fast, and everyone who hadn't played before could pick up quickly. So Robofire! fit the bill.
I haven't painted any new troops and I decided to mix it up a bit. I borrowed an idea from AK-47 Republic and added objectives. Each side got 5 markers (0,5,10,15,20). They placed them anywhere on the board, as long as they were 12' from each other or a table edge. Then, they diced for which side they came in. Ooops! Suddenly that 20 point marker you put on your side is going to get snatched by the other side.
I also made it so you had to hold on an objective for 3 turns to claim it. My mech spent a lot of the game just doing that.
This Saxon APC is actively jamming (defensive manuevers), plus a shot of the objective marker on the right.
There was the occasional loss due to long range sniping, but most of damage was done close up. Sometimes very close up. We haven't had the occasion yet to use close combat. A giant mech seems to be especially good at this. Stomp! Stomp! Squish, squish.
A heavy tank killer supports the advance.

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