Monday, October 7, 2019

A couple of weeks out, and thought I'd give a update for Wiley Wargame Weekend.
Friday night the 18th the space isn't officially open until 4pm. I'm looking into getting in early to set up. I have tables and chairs ordered I have to pick up, unload and set up, hopefully around noon or so. Any volunteers are appreciated. I'm looking at getting game masters in at 3 for their setups.
Saturday the 19th we can't officially start till noon, but I'm trying to get an earlier setup time for games not running Friday. At some point Saturday evening the birthday festivities will also begin.
Speaking of games, we're going to keep this very informal. No time blocks or start times other than when each game has enough people to start. Right now we 8 games, each with 6-8 openings, so more than enough for everyone.
We'll have dinner delivered both nights. Pizza Friday, BBQ Saturday and during the the day snacks, water and soft drinks. And, of course, our generous hosts at 3 Trails Brewing will have a wonderful selection of beers upstairs for purchase.
This is gonna be fun!

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