Friday, June 7, 2019

The Wolves of St Augustine: A WW2 Tale of Horror

It’s the early hours  of June 6 th, Allied paratroopers are dropping all over Normandy. They are tasked with capturing important crossroads and bridges, blowing up bridges and generally causing panic to the enemy.

But Task Force 13 has a very special mission. Resistance contacts have reported strange goings on at the ruins of the Church of St. Augustine. Local villagers have disappeared and weird lights have been seen at night. But most importantly, the German scientist, Dr Rudolf Seltsam has been spotted in the area. Task Force 13 has tangled with Selfsame and some of his experiments before. Task Force 13 is to investigate, and capture the vile scientist if possible.

In honor of D-Day, we ran our own weird little tribute. This was a Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror WW2 crossover. The Allied paratroopers led by Sgt Stone (a super soldier with Rock like Skin) were trying to capture his old nemesis the evil Dr Seltsam to prevent him from unleashing his latest experiments on the invading Allies.

We had 3 German players who set up first. The 4 American players would parachute in by standing a few feet away from the table a tossing a cotton ball at their desired landing point. This lead to a lot of blowing by the Germans. Two players dropped their troops right on top the Germans, while the other two landed in the woods. There was also a box of experimental weapons the paratroopers had to find just in case their weapons couldn't handle whatever the mad doctor had waiting.

By the end of the "Kings" round of the first turn, half the paratroopers that landed close were cut to pieces. By the end of the entire first turn, it looked like the Americans were doomed, especially when a German soldier let out  howl and transformed into a werewolf.

Allied bullets seemed no use against the beasts. One flank started to fall back in terror while the other side looked frantically for their care package. Lucky Pierre, the French resistance fighter, found and cracked open the box. Among the goodies: Silver bullets.

One of the werwolves left forward, rending the the paratroopers until one brave soul charged forward. The eviscerated the werewolf. Bayonets work!

The tide started to turn. Silver bullets and bayonets brought down the wolves. The mad doctor was surrounded and surrendered. Now the troopers had to get him to safely through enemy lines.

Little did they know a distress call had been made.

Great game. 7 players. Done in 2 hours. Lots of twists and turns.

The scenario is available at our webstore


Mr. Martin said...

love it. makes me wanna do a zombie WW2 scenario.
over all great battle report!

Maudlin Jack Tar said...

Fantastic story and great looking game Baron!

Skully said...

Looks like great fun was had. The terrain and minis are superb, please keep posting stuff like this!