Friday, June 21, 2019

Dragon Rampant- A Tale of Two Fords

A little palette after so much Fistful of Lead playtesting. We had a second generation Basement General visiting so I pulled out a game that's fun and easy to pick that isn't mine. We also changed the activation rules so a failed activation didn't end your turn completely.
A Choas-Orc-Goblin force had come down from the mountains to seize two fords on the river in order to launch a bigger invasion.
The Northmen called in a few favors from the Men of the West and the Warriors Four to help hold the line.

 The Northmen with a friendly Giant
 Goblin Hordes
The Warriors Four
 Beastmen take the bridge
 Borax the Despoiler. Possibly the toughest "unit" on the table. Reduced to hiding in the woods. I don't think he drew blood for the Blood god all night. SHAME!
 Gurd the Sturdy stands alone against the Beastmen
 Hobgobs take the second ford. The Berserkers have already run off. What's conscripted farmer to do? Form Shieldwall!
 Men of the West! Attack!
 Forces close early in the game
 The goblin chariot and his Troll eye the vacant bridge
 Charge! I reality these boys spent most of the game grazing.

 These guys too.
 Two hours later. Forces almost destroyed. Each side held a bridge.
Alot of blood spilled. Alot of fun had.


Juan MancheƱo said...

A great AAR, again. I like a lot your game because they "distill" a lot of fun and good gaming ambient.

BaronVonJ said...