Monday, May 16, 2016

Saturday game: Recruiting

Wargaming has been a big part of my life, and as a consequence, my family's too. Passing on the love for the hobby has made me not only part of our local convention, which is dedicated to bringing kids into the hobby, but has made me look closer to home.
With the Baroness and the Girl out of town, I had a rare chance at a Boy's weekend. My son has already created a rather large RPG group, so I thought it time to show them tabletop wargaming.
A great intro is DUST. The rules are simple, the miniatures appeal to the video gamer teens, and its a lot of fun.

I kept the objectives simple, gave a short intro to the rules, and then explained more as each circumstance came up.

I figured a bunch of low attention span video gamer teens would get bored soon and just throw their forces at each other in a giant firefight.
I couldn't be more wrong. What I got were very thoughtful plans, very deliberate actions, and possibly some new recruits to the hobby.
Normally I wouldn't have unpainted miniatures touch the table, but I have a large collection and not so much time. No one seemed to care, and it lent a old school toy soldier vibe to the whole thing. A short game went long into the night, as neither side would surrender. I got alot of "that was awesome" the next morning, a generally warm feeling inside.

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Jon F said...

Looks like a good time. Good job learning up the next gen.