Friday, May 13, 2016

5 Core WW2

We've messed around with the great modern skirmish rules 5 Core before, using SF miniatures. I wanted to try it out for a small fight between American Paratroopers and German troops using John's beautiful troops and terrain.

The US forces consisting of 3 squads of 5 paratroopers had to blow up an ammo dump hidden in a fortified farmhouse. The Germans had one command unit in town, while two other squads were just coming back from patrol. The Germans are unaware of the US objective.
Because the Germans got the advantage of defense, the paratroopers got a small mortar asset to call in.

Both sides benefited from "Scurry" moves early on. Some well timed "Firefight" rolls later helped the now in position German MGs tear up the GIs.
I didn't take too many pictures. I actually got to play this time.
5 Core gives a tense game where "real world" tactics tend to payoff. A well placed soldier can hold off larger forces until outflanked. The paratroopers were able to utilize their mortar assets to take out a few stubborn dug in German units, but unlike a lot of rules, the mortar didn't feel over powering.
These rules have really grown on me for the scale of WW2 games I want to do.
You should check them out.


Millsy said...

Wonderful looking terrain!

Weasel said...

You know, more than anything else, what screams "ww2 gaming" to me is an idyllic small farm in miniature, with a raging gun battle surrounding it.

It's just such an iconic look and you don't see it in many other genres or periods.

Well played and hope you had a great time. Did you guys play 2nd edition or did you "upgrade" yet?

BaronVonJ said...

Second addition I believe. Lots more stuff spelled out.