Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Saturday, High Noon

Had a chance to get some more gaming in the week when two out-of-town guests came by. I quickly threw together a a 5 player scenario. Each player had an objective that roughly translated into Side A goes after Side B, who in turn is after Side C, etc. Makes for great mayhem.
The Society of Gentlemen Gunfighters did a very ungentlemanly thing and robbed the Mining Company. They were then headed south of the border.
El Guapo and his banditos wanted said gold. Meanwhile, Ed Harley's gang wanted revenge on the Marshal, who in turn was headed towards the Dixon gang across town.
Here's some shots:

 The fate of all our gunfighters
 Long range kill

 A frightened citizen's desperate cry for help

 Blood Alley (there's always one) south of the border.
 Deputy Dan takes care of business.

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