Thursday, October 3, 2013

Super System episode 13: The Null Ray

With Emperor Ape behind bars, the criminal Syndicate is leaderless. Cackling with glee, Eggsterminator leaps into the role and hatches a plan to steal the newest potential super weapon from Veridian Dynamics. Along with Razorwing they break in late at night.
Their break in does not go unnoticed, and soon members of the New Olympians, Manticore & Cyclops arrive with back up from the Crimson Cowl, Flea, Mr Wonderful and the other worldly Galaxina.
Now outnumbered, Eggsterminator is forced to call in his own support in the form of Mecha-Gor, She-Wolf, Captain Cryo and Killshot.
Captain Cryo immediately uses his freeze ray to form a solid block of ice in front of Cyclops. This blocks any shot he might have. Meanwhile the Crimson Cowl appeared from the shadows to seize the mighty Mecha-Gor's mind with a mental blast. Forced from hiding the Cowl is easy prey for Killshot, who riddles the Cowl with bullets.
Sensing an easy target, Mr Wonderful streaks from the sky and hammers Mecha-Gor, but still the giant cyborg stands. Even flea, bounces in and attacks, but Mecha-Gor won't go down.
While in Veridian, Eggsterminator finally breaks down the safe guards and captures the Null-Ray. He tries to hand it to Razorwing to fly it to safety, but the flier is gone to attack heros below.
Cyclops then moved around the ice wall and blasts Captain Cryo with his deadly eye beams. The Captain manages to blast the flying Manticore overhead and bring him done in a block of solid ice, before the Flea takes the Captain down.
The enraged Mecha-Gor had had enough. He pummeled Mr Wonderful into the ground. Then Killshot blasted Mr Wonderful. One hero down. Seeing the distraction, the Crimson Cowl gave one last effort and fried the brain of Mecha-Gor. With loud crash of metal, the giant went down.
It was then that Eggsterminator  got Razorwing to finally fly the Null-Ray to safety. The rest of the battle wound down into smaller skirmishes, but in the end, the bad-guys had their weapon...


styx said...

Great report! Where did you get those buildings from?

BaronVonJ said...

Fat Dragon Games I believe. I mounted them to foamcore. The pdfs are layered so you can print them different ways. Streets can have trash, stains, damage, etc.

Essjam said...

Nice report! Some day the good guys will actually prevail.

BaronVonJ said...

Hope Reese doesn't see this.

Scottswargaming said...

Very neat report!

Galaxina, I remember the movie... lol !

Essjam said...

We ought to have a game sometime where the bad guys get to use all the weapons they have stolen over time. It would be quite the arsenal. The good guys get their marshmallow slingshots of course. The world will be a dark, dreary and deadly place after that.

BaronVonJ said...

Reese still wants a "Secret Wars" mega battle. I may have to work on that.