Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pike and Shot playtest

The era of big pointy sticks and crappy black powder muskets has always been mine favorite for some reason. Yet, I have never found a ruleset that completely satisfies me. Blackpowder Pike & Shotte comes close, but is pretty vanilla.
Flower of Chivalry has always given a great game over the many years we've played it, and the same company that made it, make's ECW rules God, King & Country. But, it's not that good. I will combine my favorite era, with one of my favorite rules sets for the middle ages.
The result? Mixed for me. I always hate having to play with paper stuff, for despite my love of the period I haven't painted that much. The mechanics worked fine and with fewer troops to command it was over in less than an hour. Just didn't give me that "Eureka!" sensation I wanted. Maybe back to Victory Without Quarter for awhile.


Essjam said...

What was missing? The infantry fighting was particularly vicious. My cavalry was really vulnerable to those long pointy sticks.

It did seem that an attack was either all or nothing. Many units were wiped out on the initial assault. Perhaps that was too Rock/Paper/Scissors.

As always, enjoyed the evening.

BaronVonJ said...

Too few troops. In FoC we usually run 6 units a player.

Essjam said...

Yep, I did only have two units of Cav. That was the basis of the re-basing discussion or switching to 6mm figs for this rules set. So it is either a large project to use these rules, or start fiddling to make them work for the toys that already exist. Not such great options.