Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Legion in Mexico

I've been tinkering with taking my Fistful of Lead rules into new realms. One of those areas is pre-gunpowder eras. So, the hand-to-hand rules, which are simple and brutal, will have to be adjusted to give more flavor to a more HTH-centric world. To test some ideas, I used the regular rules, this time with the Legion on the offensive in Maximillian Mexico.
The Legion had the numbers for once. The Rebels got to set up first, but had to hold out against superior numbers until a relief column showed up to get the stolen gold the Rebels were guarding.
The locals don't look friendly
The Legion advances under heavy fire
I encouraged the Legionnaires to hold their fire and not take useless long range shots at the Rebels in cover. Instead, we should use our moves to cover ground quickly. But, the 5th and 6th grade Legionnaires didn't want to listen. They made good targets for Rebel snipers as they stopped in the open to reload.
First casualty of the day
I told them not to stop and reload
One of the Rebels teams had only machetes. They wisely stayed hidden throughout most of the game, waiting to ambush. Unfortunately, most were cut down after their long wait, before they could get in a hack.
Wounds mount
When the relief column did arrive, it was one officer and a wagon. The Legion had failed to find the gold, and with the night getting on, I called it for the Rebels. we did, however, play a extra turn. This turned the tide. The Rebels were virtually wiped out in a turn of great rolling by the Legion. But, as I said, I had already called it. Viva la Mexico!
The fight for the gold becomes fierce


Lead Addict said...

I'll have you know those peons with knives got five imperialists before they were cut down!

BaronVonJ said...

Rebel propaganda!