Friday, August 26, 2011

Fistful of Lead

The Marshal finally captured the notorious rustler and bandit, Johnny One Leg. Now its a simple matter of holding him til the cavalry arrives to take him away to federal prison.
Problem is, nothing's simple in Lesterville. Word is, Johnny's gang is out to spring him. Not because of any loyalty, but because Johnny knows where the gang's loot is buried.
Then there's the Dirty Dixon Gang. Oh, how they hate Johnny. They just want him dead.
And then there's El Guappo and his bunch from South o' the border. Seems Johnny got a bit "familiar" with El Guappo's sister. Now the Mexican bandit is out to make Johnny an honest man.
The Marshal's got his work cut out for him.
The mean streets of Lesterville
The Marshal could have locked Johnny in the jail, but that was too obvious, instead, he had him hidden somewhere in town. Manning the rooftops, the deputies had clean shots at most of the incoming groups. Johnny's gang took the first hit. Once the guns start going off, the people of Lesterville get a might spooked. They shoot at anything, that sticks there head in their businesses. (I borrowed this idea from one of the Yahoo Group. As soon as the first shot is fired, anyone entering an unexplored building, unless it's the Marshal's men, gets a shotgun blast at them. This keeps people from using the "hold up in a building all day" plan. It also helped the Marshal's men on the roofs. Anyone trying to get up at them was going to have run the gauntlet.)
"What're you lookin' at?!"
The Dixon's smelled blood and went after Johnny's gang. There was fierce shoot out in on of the alleys. Almost all of my games end up with what we call "Blood Alley". Don't know why it happens, but it does. In one section of town, the bodies just pile up.
After much gunfire, El Guappo's gang figured out Johnny was hold up in the Saloon. He managed to get one of his men in, but he went down to a deputy.
That's when the cavalry arrived. For a while they cut a swathe through town, but the concentrated gunfire from what was left if the combined gangs brought most of them down. In the end, only one cavalry trooper survived, but he got Johnny. And for once, Marshal Bill survived.
The infamous bandit El Guappo dies
Highlights of the game included one of Johnny's game fighting El Guappo's men in what amounted to a prolonged slap fight. Hand to Hand in Fistful of lead is notoriously brutal. Someone almost always dies. Not this time. One would knock the other down. Then next turn, the downed player would get up and do the same.
Also, one of the Dixon gang blasted away 4 times with a shotgun at one of Johnny's gang pinned on the ground . The poor guy missed every time. The downed player soon got the nickname "Lucky", only to bolt from town the next turn on a failed morale roll.
On a side note, I've had a jump in members to the Fistful of Lead Yahoo Group. We are a small but loyal group. Welcome to Lestervile!

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