Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unkerlant Travel Log: Styrland

The Electorate of Styrland, located in northern Unkerlant, has a great military tradition. Upon returning from the Crusades, the Prince Zlobo, inspired by the military Orders he witnessed in the Holyland, built the first military academy in Unkerlant. The Unkerlant Military Academy for Martial Prowess and Study was built. Every Unkerlantian general worth mention, both good and bad, has walked its halls. Unfortunately, due to Unkerlant’s chronic xenophobia, most new ideas that would normally flow into the country via foreign literature or military thinkers, never make it across the border. So, Unkerlant is a bit behind the times in military matters.
Despite this, Styrland is full of martial pride, and almost daily military parades are held in both Veckholm and Asstryia, overseen by Elector General Freidemene of Asstryia.
In battle, Styriland troops look magnificent with their parade ground precision and resplendent uniforms. If only their fighting capabilities matched their looks.


abdul666 said...

21 baronies so far, each with its original character!
On the colored templates infantrymen always have breeches of the same color as the stocks, which is not unlikely; cavalrymen (the Averland Light Horse excepted) have breeches of the same black as their heavy boots: will it eventually still be the case on the painted minis?

BaronVonJ said...

Those are high boots on the cavalry. You'll just have to wait and see on the infantry.